Monday, October 20, 2014

Trick Or Treat: Smell My CBV!

It's that time of year again!
   Yes, indeed it is time for my annual Halloween CBV scent review! Since I have already reviewed most of the official Halloween esque scents (you can find them here.) these will be a bit more varied, but there are sure to be some scream worthy scents in the mix. So break out the bubbling cauldron's of green and orange punch, grab a glass, put on some spooky sounds, turn off the lights, and prepare yourselves because here we go...

As always let's start with the bakery scents... 

Pumpkin Cupcake:  
Cold throw: I waited a long time to finally melt this bad boy and the more it cured the more I liked it. I let it cure for about 3 months and it smells exactly like a real pumpkin cupcake. This one does have more cupcake in it than I was expecting, which is a pleasant surprise. So far this one is 3/4 yummy cupcake and 1/4 creamy pumpkin. The pumpkin in this is a light sweet pumpkin that doesn't have any spice in it at all. Shocking I know! But no tricks here, you won't find any cinnamon or spice in this one. I'm actually really grateful for that. I love my pumpkin spiced scents, but it is nice to just have a mild sweet pumpkin scent for a change.

Warm throw: This is one delicious fall bakery scent! This one had me wanting to put on my apron and officially celebrate the baking season by whipping up some *cough* poisoned *cough* pumpkin cupcakes of my own. It still remained more cupcake than pumpkin, but I didn't have a problem with that personally. The only complaint I have with this scent is that it didn't seem to last that long. It had about a medium scent throw, but was pretty much dissipated within 3 hours. But I only used 1/4 a shot and it was mouthwateringly good while it lasted. I would recommend this one to those who want a pumpkin scent but don't want any spice at all. It is also good for all of those who are looking to branch out and try a pumpkin scent but aren't sure where to start.

Fluffy Pink Candy: 
Cold Throw: You know what is the best part about Halloween? FREE CANDY! In that spirit here is a new candy scent. I can instantly pick out the Pink Sugar in this, but it is really sweetened up by the Cotton Candy and Marshmallow Fluff. I don't really get the marshmallow in this, but the fragrance does have a creamy "fluffiness" feel to it. The spun sugar in the Cotton Candy really ties the other two scents together nicely. It is a fun and sweet fragrance just like it's name suggests.

Warm Throw: The Marshmallow Fluff really comes out more once warmed up, you can actually smell the creamy sticky goodness. Other than that it still smells the same for the most part. This fragrance is really light, but sugary sweet, not so sweet that it will give you a toothache (or headache for that matter). The scent throw with this one was just average, but that's to be expected when you have a concoction of all light sugary sweet fragrances. This one is sure to have you dipping into the candy bowl early.

Peanut Butter Popcorn Ball: 
Cold Throw: Now most kids hate getting popcorn balls in their candy bags, but what about getting popcorn balls in your warmers? With this one I get the popcorn but for the most part but it is toned down and sweetened up quite a bit. I also get the Peanut Butter Cookies mixed with a blend of other sweet scents that without knowing what is in this scent you wouldn't be able to guess on your own. Since I know what is in it I can get a pinch of Granny's Pie Crust, but not so much the Creme' Brulee. Overall it smells like popcorn, peanut butter, and a touch of GPC.

Warm Throw: Granny's Pie Crust came out so much more once it was melted. It mixed well with the Peanut Butter Cookies and the popcorn. However I still didn't smell much of the Creme' Brulee. I think it was more of an anchoring scent that was added to make the whole fragrance much more cohesive. The popcorn wasn't too strong, but it was the more dominant smell of them all. The scent throw is decently strong with this one. I wasn't sure what to make of this scent at first, I didn't really care for it on cold, but once it melted I started to "warm" up to it. (excuse the pitifully bad pun) But now I like it and think it is great for the fall season.  I will caution you though that if you were looking for a "salty" scent don't be deceived by the popcorn it is pretty much rendered semi-sweet by the other scents so there really isn't any salt in this.

Pumpkin Frappuccino:
Cold Throw: I've heard this described as smelling like a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and I have to agree. I get the warm rich coffee and the creamy smooth pumpkin. I also get just a little hint of some baking cinnamon, but it is very minimal. This smells just like a cozy festive flavored coffee drink.

Warm Throw: This one comes to life a bit more once warmed up. The scent doesn't change just the strength of it does. This one is equal parts warm coffee and mild pumpkin. It is very well balanced and if you are worried about the cinnamon getting out of hand, don't. I didn't even notice it once it was all melted. This little baby has a strong scent throw sure to have you SCREAMING for more.
All of these are perfect companions for your Halloween bash.
Here are some spooktacular fall fragrances... 

Autumn Leaves:
Cold Throw: If a fall day could be captured in a cup this would be it. This smells like crisp and crunchy leaves with fresh autumn air. It just invokes the feeling of a cool fall afternoon walk with orange and yellow leaves falling everywhere. And it smells like real leaves, not fake ones in craft stores, but REAL actual leaves. It is like jumping into a giant leaf pile.

Warm Throw: It still smells as authentic as it did on cold. This is a perfect fall leaf fragrance! It has a medium to medium strong throw and it lasted a decent amount of time. I really love this scent. I like that there isn't any of your typical spice, apple, or pumpkin scents that are usually associated with this season. Not that I don't love those seasons too, it is just nice to have a seasonal scent that is different once in awhile.

Why I Autumn:
Cold Throw: This is another great fall fragrance. I get leaves, some cinnamon (not a too strong cinnamon), ginger, a touch of lemon, and another scent that I can't really identify. I checked the site description but it doesn't smell like any of those scents listed. As one user on the site pointed out it does smell like a fall potpourri  Really nice and not too spicy.

Warm Throw: Not much change in the fragrance from cold to hot. Don't let the cinnamon and ginger scare you off it isn't that red hot overpowering it just gives the scent a nice baking twist. It does still smell like a pretty fall fragranced potpourri. The scent throw was just average, but it is still a really lovely fall fragrance. Sure to be a hit with all those who love all things autumn scented!
These scents are sure to get you into the fall "spirit"
And now onto the perfume category...

Mad About You (Type):
Cold Throw: Oh boy this pretty scent is sure to drive you mad! I get a mixture of very soft and pretty florals with a touch of strawberries. I don't know well enough what most of the individual flowers in this smell like so I can't tell you if it is more cassis or peony. All I can tell you is that it is a gorgeous soft feminine floral that isn't likely to cause headaches unless you are very sensitive. The florals are perfume like, but not pungent in the least. And if you are a little leery about the patchouli or musk in the description don't be because I don't get any patchouli at all and the musk isn't that thick deep kind. Really I mainly get the flowers, the strawberries, and a touch of amber wood to round it all out.

Warm Throw: I think this is one that would be absolutely fantastic in Bath & Body! I can see why they named it Mad About You because once you smell this you will fall in love. It smells pretty much the same as it did on cold throw only much more lovelier. The scent throw on this one is strong, but not overpoweringly so. I think this is a gentle floral that won't irritate most people. I don't generally care for most florals, but I think this will become a staple. I know my mother has gone off and used most of it lol.

Dark Kiss:
Cold Throw: This one has had about 3 months to cure, so I think it is safe to say it is ready. I have never smelt what this is duping, but everyone else says it is almost spot on. What I get is a "mature" (not old lady) women's perfume. It has that feminine rich musk, with some creamy vanilla, and maybe just a touch of berries. I really don't get any fruity scent in this though. It is more just a deeper women's perfume scent. I don't know what to make of this one. I hated it at first, but the more I sniff the better it starts to smell to me. I guess I will just have to melt it to find out.

Warm Throw: I'm surprised by how much I ended up liking this one. I didn't care for it for the first few months it cured and was iffy on it up until I melted it. It is a very pretty women's perfume that is mostly a light musk with some rich vanilla. It doesn't sound that appealing I know by words alone, but it is actually really nice. There really isn't any berry or fruit smell though. I think this is a perfume scent more for women above 25, but that's just my humble opinion. I typically don't care for my house to smell like perfume or cologne related scents, but with this one I don't mind. I forgot to jot down the scent throw, so I honestly can't be too accurate, but I think it had a medium strong throw.
These scents will be sure to drive you fabulously mad!
And one lone fruit fragrance... 

Passionate Kisses Type: 
Cold Throw: Ok so the site description for this one has a TON of fragrances listed, but really I only get 2. This one has even cured for about 3 months as well and I just get a strong cherry and red hot cinnamon in the base. It is kind of a secretly spicy cherry scent. It reminds me a little bit of Big Red Gum with like sweet maraschino cherries. The cherry doesn't smell like the dreaded cough syrup kind to me so that's good.  I don't know with this one, I want to wait and see of it changes before making a final verdict.

Warm Throw: Nope, this one continued to just be strong maraschino cherries and red hot cinnamon. The cinnamon wasn't overpowering, but it was very noticeably there. I was hoping the other fragrances listed would come out of hiding but no such long. I'm left doubting their existence. *twilight zone music plays* I don't actually mind this scent, it just wasn't anything I was expecting it to be. I warn you all now that this scent is just sweet cherries with an undercurrent of spicy cinnamon. The scent throw was pretty strong too. I'm left on the fence with this one because I like cherry and cinnamon fragrances, but I was left underwhelmed because the web description had me expecting there would be more to it. It can be a treat for those cherry and cinnamon lovers, but a real trick for those who don't.
Warning: this scent may be scary for some.
      That's all for this year's monstrously sweet cbv review. I hope I didn't scare you away from any good fragrances to try. I also hope you all have a wicked fun and safe Halloween. I'm not exactly sure what my plans are right now I'm either helping my church with their "trunk or treating", going to a friend's house to pass out candy to all the little monsters, or sitting on my butt at home watching scary movies with popcorn, hot chocolate, and a cbv scent or two. However you decide to celebrate I wish you all a Happy Halloween!!

Now back to my lair...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Total Eclipse Of The Tarts

I'm back again with another review.
      Hello again candle friends. It has been a little over a month since my last review I believe, so I am back with a slightly bigger list of scents that I have tried. All of these scents have had at least two weeks minimum to cure, though most of them have had at least a month or so to cure. I had a bit more of the newer scents added to the CBV site in my possession this time around so some are new goodies and some are old.  This review is mainly on the summertime scents that I have been going through before fall, but there are some year round fragrances to check out. So without further ado let's get down to it shall we?

As always I like to start with the bakery category...

Cozy Kitchen: 
Cold Throw: Those familiar with my scent tastes know that I love apple scents and so far this one is no exception. This is a creamy sweet crisp apple fragrance. It is a combination of Creme Brulee' and Caramel Apple and I do get both of those scents when I smell this. The two fragrances are equally balanced enough. You get the fresh apple with a touch of thick caramel from the Caramel Apple half and then you get the smooth creamy vanilla sweetness from the Creme Brulee.

Warm Throw:  The caramel comes out a bit more once warmed up. It does however still remain a smooth creamy caramel apple scent. The apple portion does kind of lose it's crispness. You still get the apple fragrance, but the crisp bite is toned down a lot. The two scents remain almost equally balanced though. The scent throw for this one was in the average range. I liked this one, but just for me personally I think I prefer Caramel Apple over this one, just because I like that fresh crispness to my apple scents. However don't let me put you off of this scent because it is really good and perfect for the upcoming fall season.
This scent makes me very happy it is fall.
The Hunger Games:  
Cold Throw: Another mixed scent of two already existing fragrances, this one is Enchanted Apple and Candied Apple. I mainly get the light airy clean Macintosh apple from Enchanted Apple, but the Candied Apple does sweeten it up a bit and it adds some depth to the scent in my opinion. This a just a really fresh crisp apple scent and it isn't overly sweetened which I think is nice. I think of this one in the same category as Mango Tango because it is a fruity clean fresh air kind of fragrance that is great to melt all year round.

Warm Throw: As soon as my friend walked in while I was melting this he said, "What is that tasty fruity scent?" lol he is used to my house being well fragranced, but he really liked this one. So it was an instant hit in my home. It still smelt like how it did on cold throw only the coolness from the Candied Apple came out more so it was a whole lot better! I really love this one it is just a cool, crisp, airy apple fragrance. The scent throw on this baby was decently strong. Not overwhelming, but it manage to fill up my open spaced home. Three cheers for this awesome new fragrance!

Watermelon Taffy
Cold Throw: Oh goodness, I think I have a new all time favorite watermelon scent. This is everything I was hoping Strawberry Taffy would be but sadly wasn't. This smells like real home made salt water watermelon taffy. It is so authentic smelling, like you just bought it at the state fair. It smells just like soft gooey taffy. The watermelon is sweet and light and just a perfect dupe of the actual candy. I can't wait to melt this one.

Warm Throw: Sweet delicious watermelon salt water taffy! This one is so good! It smells just like it's namesake and the scent throw force in this one is strong! It filled my entire house which is really hard to find now since I have very wide open rooms which is a lot of space to cover. This is definitely in my top favorite fruity scents. I still really love Cranberry Watermelon Lemon Lime Fizz, but it is tied with this one for first in the watermelon category.

Satsuma Punch:
Cold Throw: I love Satsuma so much and I like Champagne Pomegranate and the mixture of these two scents I like so far. I didn't know what to expect but the light citrus from Satsuma is kind of anchored down by the pomegranate making it a kind of heavier scent than I had imagined, but it is still good. You get that little bit of carbonation from the Champagne Pomegranate that gives it that "champagne" feel. I can kind of see this as smelling like an "adult" fruit punch at like a nice social gathering.

Warm Throw: My mother and I liked this one so much we just ordered another one lol. This smells like a fruit punch spiked with champagne and it is really good. I like it a whole lot more once warmed. This one is also a really strong thrower and it is sweet without being too sweet and overall has just a nice balance of fruitiness and champagne. If you don't like that "champagne" smell you probably won't care for it because it is more Champagne Pomegranate than Satsuma. In fact Satsuma just kind of adds a nice touch to this one and just adds some more fruit to the mix. Two thumbs up for this one.
I salute these strong amazing fragrances!

Watermelon & Lime:
Cold Throw: This one isn't as sweet as Watermelon Taffy, but it's still really really good. Light sweet watermelon with the tiniest pinch of lime. It isn't tart at all so don't worry about it not being sweet enough. This one is really light and refreshing so you don't have to worry about it being too sweet either. The watermelon is clearly the dominant fragrance while the lime is just a hint in the undercurrents.

Warm  Throw: This one was nice. The lime came out more once it was melted, but it was a sweet lime so overall it remained a light sweet fruity watermelon scent. I still like this one a lot but it doesn't come close to Watermelon Taffy in my books. However it might be different in yours and it is still a great watermelon scent to have. The scent throw on this one was about average. I would have liked it to last a bit longer, but as I mentioned before I have an open spaced home so scent throws for me are a bit harder to achieve now. This one lasted about 2-3 hours at my place.

Jaba Juice:
Cold Throw: I instantly get kids fruit snacks when I smell this one; like you just opened a package of fruit snacks and stuck your nose in and inhaled. I almost didn't recognize that this is a mixture of Volcano (see scent description for this one below) and Pink Sangria, but when I thought about it and sniffed some more I can tell apart the citrus and a bit of the airy green notes from Volcano and they get a juicy fruity boost from Pink Sangria. Which explains why I get fruit snacks because it is a mixture of berries, citrus, and a touch of apple.

Warm  Throw: These two scents mix really well together to make one new fragrance, but at the same time it is easy to discern the separate halves of the two. The scents themselves are equally balanced and make one sweet mixed fruity scent. It still smelt like fruit snacks to me though lol. But I actually quite like it that way. This is just a fun mixed fruity sweet scent and the throw on this one was in the medium range.  

Cold Throw: This one smells like mild oranges with a base note of light leafy greenery and just a touch of lemon. It is kind of citrusy, but it isn't a sweet juicy kind of citrus. The "green" scent in this is not too earthy or anything but kind of like a spa like light green type plant. It is very mild, but a very "amazon" smelling fragrance.

Warm  Throw: This one is still citrusy, but I wouldn't call it like a strong orange kind of citrus but like a light perfume kind. It also has some fruity scents sort of blended in, but nothing that is discernible. The green notes actually got a little softer in my opinion since it wasn't as prevalent once it warmed. The scent throw on this one was average for me. I have citrus scents that I like better than this one, but I still found it nice and my mother really liked it. I know a lot of people who rave about this scent so be sure to try it because I think it is worth it at least once.

Coconut Banana Blast:
Cold Throw: This smells pretty much how the name implies it should. I get some soft coconut blended almost equally with sweet candied banana. The coconut is a little bit stronger of the two, but it doesn't overwhelm the banana. These two scents actually blend together really well.

Warm  Throw: As I said before these two fragrances make a nice combination. I really enjoy this one, but sadly this one seems to have fallen under the dreaded banana scent curse, where the scent dissolves pretty quickly and doesn't have much lasting power. That being said though the initial scent throw was average and the smell was fruity and fun. The milky coconut mixes really well with the sweet banana. I liked it, but next time I will probably have to put in another 1/4 of a shot once the scent starts to wear off.

Pucker Up: 
Cold Throw: Another one of the more recent scents, this one is a mixture of Pink Grapefruit and Fizzy Pop. I get both of those scents, but I think the Pink Grapefruit is a bit stronger. The grapefruit is a sweet, not tart type of citrus so this scent comes off light, sweet, and slightly girly. I get the Fizzy Pop too, but so far I'm not getting much of the carbonated bubbles that smell that gives your nose that pleasant tingle. I'm hoping that will come out more once it is warmed up.

Warm  Throw: The Fizzy Pop did come out more once it was melted and I got a lot more of the lemon lime fragrance. It mixed nicely with the pink grapefruit. I did get more of the carbonated bubble smell as well which is always a good thing in my books. The scent throw on this one is strong. I think if you like citrusy scents or lemon lime fragrances you will really enjoy this one. I liked it and the lemon made my house feel clean, but most lemon citrus scents give me that feeling. This is just a nice fun, citrus sent that isn't too sweet or too tart.  

Cold Throw: This is one of those fragrance combination where you get all the scents in one whiff. You get the milky pina colada and a tiny punch of pineapple from Jimmy Buffett, but there is also the sugared lime from the Margarita Lime. I think the Jimmy Buffett half is stronger so it is like 2/3 JB and 1/3 ML.

Warm  Throw: The pineapple came out more once melted, but it mixed in well with the smooth pina colada. I'd say this one was still more Jimmy Buffett than anything, but there is a definite sweetness from the Margarita Lime. So if you liked JB, then you should like this one too since it is just an amped up and sweetened version of it. The scent throw on this one was medium to medium strong. I think this one is really great for those hot sunny summer days. It certainly invokes that tropical drink in the hot sun kind of atmosphere. This one will have you singing Margaritaville all day.

Cold Throw: This certainly smells strong like it's name suggests. I get some creamy coconut but it isn't too strong like some coconut scents can be, nor is it a sharp coconut. It blends pretty smoothly with the tropical fruit background scents and the flowers. To be honest it is hard for me to pick out the fruits and certain flowers other than a hint of plumeria. The best I can describe it is just a nice tropical fruity floral fragrance, which is kind of a vague description, but that is just what it is lol.

Warm  Throw: This just brings in mind something that I might smell in Hawaii lol. I'm so terrible at describing tropical fragrances because most of them tend to smell the same to me so it is hard for me to discern individual scents. However I do get creamy coconut in this one and I think maybe some passion fruit and a soft hint of plumeria. But as I said it all just blends together into one nice cohesive tropical fragrance. The scent throw on this one was average.
These were all very good as well.
Rio Rumberry Type:
Cold Throw: This one smells like sparkling berries with just the tiniest dash of warm amber in it to round it all out. The berry isn't like strawberry or raspberry or grape, but it smells like goji or acai berries. You know like this berry smell is in the exotic darker category. I'm not 100% sure, but it is definitely not in the typical berry family and it doesn't smell like berry candy or wine. I don't really get any "green foliage" in this scent and if there is coconut in this it is very very subdued. And if the word "musk" creeps you out like it does me, don't worry it isn't that bad musky thick scent you might think of at all, it just means the berry smell has a bit of a deeper base.

Warm  Throw: I think for me this one was actually better smelling in the cup, but that being said it wasn't bad in the warmer either.  It was a bit sweeter before and the amber was a tad more noticeable, but once it warmed up it became more mellow. It is still a good scent, I can see a lot of people really liking it. It is a kind of semi-sweet unique berry scent that is fruity without being too sweet or juicy. The scent throw on this one was on the stronger side of average.  I think this one might be more popular in Bath & Body.

Fairy Garden:
Cold Throw: I get a mixture of scents that make on airy natural spa type of fragrance. I smell bamboo and lemon first followed by some white ginger, but then I get a semi-sweet scent that I think might be from the pink grapefruit and lilies. It is a very fresh scent that is really hard to categorize because it isn't all that fruity, but it isn't earthy, or all that sweet either, but at the same time it is kind of all of those at once. I will say that the name matches the scent; it invokes the right atmosphere. I just can't quite find the words to describe this one accurately all that well. It is just one that has to be smelt to be fully understood.

Warm  Throw: I stick with my initial scent description on this one. It is the same warmed up as it was cold. However I will say the scent throw on this one was kind of a bit under average for me and it didn't seem to last that long in my open living room. I think if you have open spaced rooms like I do then you might want to melt more than 1/4 a shot so you can smell it. Personally I didn't mind this scent, but it isn't a favorite either. I'm kind of neutral, but I can see a TON of people going gaga over this one because it is very unique and light. With this one it comes down to tastes so if you like that light bamboo with kind of semi-sweet fruity smell then you will want to try this one out.

Blackberry Fizz:
Cold Throw: Mmm this one smells so good so far. It is very fruity and you can smell the blackberries, the strawberries, and the pomegranate with just a tiny pinch of mandarin. If you were expecting this one to be tingly and bubbly like Fizzy Pop scents, I hate to disappoint you, but this one doesn't have any of that. It has a slight touch of lemon and lime, but no carbonation. Which is kind of a bummer, but still the scent is really fruity and juicy. I get the strawberry pomegranate combo more so than the other fragrances, but you still can smell the others in the base notes.

Warm  Throw: Sadly I liked this one way more in the cup. This one only had an average scent throw and the fruity notes just didn't shine like they did previously. The main thing I smelt was the strawberries and pomegranates, but the other scents completely disappeared. Which is a shame because I was totally in love with this scent at first. Don't get me wrong, it is still a good scent, but it just lost some of its luster once warmed. I don't know if you will have the same experience, but hopefully that won't be the case for you. Like I said it is still a nice scent regardless.
These weren't what I thought at first but they are still good.
And now for the rest of the mixed category fragrances I had...

Juniper Breeze:
Cold Throw: Many of you are familiar with the B&BW fragrance, but me not so much. I don't have a B&BW near me so I don't get to smell their products that often. But I have heard of this one and that was my motivation in trying it. I'm really glad I got this one because it is really pretty, and of course really hard to describe. It is a nice soft floral, but at the same time it is kind of a clean scent. It's really fresh and the best way I can describe it is that it smells like a semi-sweet soft floral women's hand soap...which is kind of what it was created to be lol.

Warm  Throw:This is a really pretty floral, not too sweet, not too pungent. It's just soft and clean and very very nice. The scent throw was in the average range. I really like this one. Most of you know that I'm not a big fan of florals, but this one is very universal and I can see a lot of people not minding this one. Its just one of those scents that are pretty and not off putting and it can branch out to a lot of people's tastes. There aren't a lot of floral scents that I think most people would like but this is one of them.

Whispering Winds:
Cold Throw: I can immediately pick out the cucumber and the fresh mint in this. The mint isn't too sharp, it actually is toned down a bit for a mint scent that has both peppermint and spearmint. I do get both of those mints, but the combined scent is still a mild mint and it pairs well with the fresh cucumber. I don't really get any fruit notes, but I do get an undercurrent of really soft florals. They are just barely noticeable, but I think they are what is keeping the mint from being overpowering. It is actually a very crisp fresh air kind of scent that I was not expecting with this mixture of fragrances at all. Very nice so far.

Warm  Throw:This one smells pretty identical to what I described on cold throw. It doesn't really have much of a change once warmed, but that's a good thing in my opinion. The mint is cooling, but not sharp and overpowering and the cucumber keeps it's strength to the end so it is just a nice refreshing cool airy scent. The scent throw on this one was medium strong. I really liked this one a lot more than I anticipated. I am a mint lover in general and I didn't know what to think about this one at first, but now I know it is a keeper.
These were sooo good and so surprising!

Lick Me All Over: 
Cold Throw: This one has had about 2 and a half months to cure, maybe over that so I'm pretty sure it is done by now. And I have to be honest and say I don't really care for it so far. Not that the scent is bad by any means it just isn't something my nose cares for, but I can imagine a lot of people loving this one. It smells kind of like musky dry exotic fruit lol. I don't even know how to describe this because the scent feels familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. I don't get any raspberry or citrus with this one and as far as the melon if you were thinking honeydew or cantaloupe it isn't that kind but more like a deeper exotic melon. This one has got that tropical musky fruit smell, but it also smells like a tanning lotion. Not like coppertone, or coconut oil, but you know those exotic sensual fruity smelling tanners? That kind.

Warm Throw: It also reminds me of those trendy clothing stores that are right on the beach. It smells rich and exotic and kind of like musky fruits. Okay I'm officially crazy with my scent imaginations, but that is what came to mind when I smelt this warmed. I smell like some beachy sunscreen, not the coppertone kind, but the light spray on type. I also get some tropical fruits and a touch of salty sea air. The scent throw on this was medium but a bit on the stronger side. For me this one was okay, but I don't think I will be getting it again anytime soon.
I didn't care for this scent but I know a lot of people will disagree.
      Well that's all for this review. I hope my descriptions weren't too out there lol. I can't wait because I'm starting to melt my fall fragrances and fall and Christmas scents are my absolute fave so be prepared for crazy descriptions and even crazier gifs to go with them lol. Hopefully you will have found a scent or too that caught your fancy. That's it for now, bye now and God love you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summertime Scents

It has been way too long since I posted a review.
        Hello again lovelies! It has been a long time since I posted a scent review I know. My 8 year old XP finally died out on me so I went a month trying to revive her before I finally had to retire her and buy a new one. Is there anything more nerve wracking than trying to find the perfect computer? #firstworldproblems. Anyways some of these reviews are older so some of the scents aren't as accurate as I would like them to be since my brain hasn't caught back up with my nose quite yet. My scent description skills has gotten a little rusty after lent and then not melting a month while I waited for my computer to take notes before I cut into my new scents. So without further ado here you are....

As always I start with the bakery scents, but surprisingly there is only one this time.

Banana Caramel Cupcake: 
Cold Throw: The website's description for this one is actually pretty dead on really. It smells like a candied banana drenched with thick caramel all atop a moist vanilla cupcake. It really does smell delicious, like something I want to eat. Personally I'm iffy on banana scents, sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them, but I really like this one so far. It is more bakery smelling than anything. And cinnamon haters don't worry I smell absolutely no cinnamon in this at all. Can't wait to see what this one smells like melted.

Warm Throw: Smells the same as on cold. This one is really yummy. The candied banana mixes with a slight drizzle of caramel that isn't too thick or too sweet and then you get the base of the cupcake. It isn't really a "cake" like scent, but the name pretty much does it justice anyway. This one is really good and the banana doesn't get lost in the bakery scents. The scent throw on this one was medium average. Sadly though, just like with all banana scents the scent doesn't last that long. I still got a good 2 to 3 hours of scent out of the 1/4th shot I used. As for the banana scents this one is at the top for now, but it might get knocked down by the Banana Foster curing in my stash.
New top favorite banana scent!
And now onto the summer florals... 

Luna Type: 
Cold Throw: I was really hesitant on this one because of the description of so many florals and as most of you know I'm not a big floral lover. Fortunately for me though these florals are really soft and pretty. They all blend together so nicely and seamlessly that I can't pick out one individual flower. This one is really sweet for a floral, but without being in any way fruity smelling. The flowers in this are so soft and light that I don't think it would irritate much those who are sensitive to florals. I'm looking forward to melting this one.

Warm Throw: Probably my favorite scent of the entire order. This one smells just as good warmed up as it did on cold. This one is up there as one of my top favorite florals. It is slightly sweet, soft pretty florals, but there is something very feminine and romantic about the scent. The scent throw is in the medium to medium strong range. I can see this as a nice bedroom scent or even a nursery scent since it is so soft and comforting. I think this would be amazing in anything Bath & Body. Definitely recommend everyone to try this!

Dogwood Blossoms: 
Cold Throw: I decided to get this one because Jason (charmedleo) had a review of it on his blog and he said he thought it was a nice floral for those who don't like florals to try if I remember correctly. I try to be careful with the floral scents I order, they are mainly hit and miss so I decided to try this one. This one isn't that bad. It is more like a clean floral, like the kind that laundry sheets are made to smell like. I've never smelt an actual dogwood b lossom so there is no telling if it is accurate on that account, but I like it. It smells fresh and pretty like a dryer sheet lol.

Warm Throw: I stick to my initial description on this one. It smells like a clean laundry sheet type of floral. It is really nice actually, not your typical floral scent. The scent throw is actually medium strong, but not in a way that is overwhelming or too pungent. I don't think it would give people headaches who are sensitive to florals unless they were really really sensitive. I like it. It is more a clean scent I think than a floral though. If I smelt this one blindfolded I would have sworn it was a clean laundry scent. So if you aren't a fan of florals or just like clean scents this one is worth a try. 
I actually found 2 more floral scents I like!

Now onto the Earthy fragrances... 

Hemingway Type: 
Cold Throw: I was incredibly iffy about this one when I ordered it, since I'm not a fan of masculine type scents in general, but the author it was named after and the description sold me on it. I'm really glad I took a chance on this one because it isn't anything I expected. The description on the site is actually pretty accurate, but I was thinking it would smell too earthy or cologne like for me, but luckily it isn't. You actually do get all scents mentioned. The first thing I smell is a blend of apple peel and sweet wood. The wood smell doesn't smell like trees or lumber but more like wooden furniture, like country rocking chairs and tables. The cinnamon in this is a sweet baking kind so there isn't any red hot smell. I also get a hint of leather too. All the scent blend together though to make one country store kind of smell. It reminds me of Cracker Barrel if you have ever been in one of those. It is really nice and nostalgic like a log cabin or something.

Warm Throw: This scent feels very familiar to me. It smells like a country antique store we have in my hometown that I go to often. The apple peels come out more once warmed, but they blend with aged wood furniture smell. The leather just ties it all together while being noticeable, but not new car smell noticeable. It has been a little while since I melted this one but if I recall correctly it had a medium scent throw. I really liked this one. It is a bit more of a country, log cabin kind of smell than an earthy scent though. I think this one will be really nice to melt in the fall.  
Hemingway type makes me feel nostalgic.
Now for one from Candleman's Closet... 

Cold Throw: Ever since I first got into CBV 2 years ago I have heard non-stop talk about this scent. I'm not a big fan of L*ush scents, so I just now brought myself to order it. I think I might be the only one on the planet who doesn't care for this scent *runs from people throwing empty scent shot cups*. It is a shame because I really wanted to like this one, but so far on cold throw alone it isn't doing anything for me. I get how a lot of people describe this as a unisex scent because it is warm and musky and slightly earthy smelling to me.Yet it has the tiniest bit of sweetness to it and a slightly feminine sunflower like floral note in it. I don't know what to make of this scent really. I don't hate it, but I don't necessarily like it either. I guess I will just have to melt it to be sure.

Warm Throw: This one is better than I thought it was gonna be, but I still don't care for it. My mom ended up liking it though so I decided to keep it. This one wasn't bad by any means or offensive smelling it just was a combination of scents that my nose did not like. It is too unisex smelling for me. It leans more on the masculine side, but it can still be considered a earthy feminine scent. It isn't too earthy, like dirt or nature smelling, but it does have the hint of heady "earthiness" if you catch my drift. It smells like it did on cold throw with that little hint a semi-sweet floral. It is warm smelling and the scent throw is really strong. This one actually lasted for 2 days in my house. It wasn't bad, like I said, I didn't mind it too much, but I won't be repurchasing. However if you like scents like this then get it and don't let me scare you off if it sounds like something you would like. I just like more sweet girly scents is all.
I hate to be a downer, but I didn't care for this one.
Now on to the Fruity scents... 

Pink Sangria: 
Cold Throw: I remember a while back Mandy over on The Pouring Pot really raved about this scent, and that is why I decided to try it too. I want to be upfront and say I'm not a drinker at all so I've never had nor smelt a sangria before. But let me try and explain what this smells like to me. It smells like sugared berries in a sweet fruity drink. There is no "wine" smell, or fermented grape kind of scent in this. It is sweet, fruity, and refreshingly light for a berry scent. I don't really get too much mandarin or apple, but I think they are what is blended in this that is making it so sweet and well rounded instead of just a plain berry scent. This is really juicy and perfect for the summertime.

Warm Throw: I think I found yet another favorite to add to my collection. It smells pretty much the same as it did cold only it has much more "oomph"to it when it fills the room. It reminds me of like a sparkling berry summer drink. When I say sparkling though I don't mean there is any carbonation in it like in Fizzy Pop, but just in it's light sweetness. This one is juicy and fun really just great. The scent throw is medium. If you like berry scents you NEED to try this one.

Melon Ball: 
Cold Throw: Well the website's description for this is pretty vague to say the least lol! A yummy blend of all things fruity...that's it. Despite it's vagueness it is actually really accurate. But let me to try give you more details. I can immediately pick out a honeydew melon blended with another melon. There is other sweet fruits mixed in there as well but they aren't identifiable to me.It is pretty much just a nice fruity melon scent. It is really good and the melons aren't the overly ripe, sickeningly sweet kind. They are fresh and don't compete with each other at all. I really like this one so far.

Warm Throw: Melon lovers rejoice this one is for you! This one smells like honeydew and watermelon mixed together with maybe, maybe the tiniest pinch of Marshmallow Ambrosia in the undercurrents. It is really fruity and just oh so good. I like this one a lot and the scent throw is pretty strong as well. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Tangerine Mimosa: 
Cold Throw: This one smells more on the "tart" side of the citrus scents. It isn't bitter or sour or anything like that it just isn't as sweet as a lot of the citrus scents tend to be. I wouldn't exactly describe this one as smelling like a real tangerine because let's be honest real champagne has a pretty distinct scent and this is devoid of any of that bubbly alcohol smell. Still this one is nice and tangy with just a hint of sweetness.

Warm Throw: Smells the same pretty much once warmed if I remember correctly. It is kind of tart in the way that Tang is tart, but sweet. It is very similar to Brooke's Delight, but not as sweet. The scent throw on this one is about in the average range. It is light and great for those times when you want something fruity but not something too heavy or sweet. I liked it and is a fun and unique scent to have in my stash.

Pineapple Cilantro: 
Cold Throw: This is a really nice pineapple scent so far. It is pineapple, but it is sweetened up a bit by the sugar cane and call me crazy but I think I can detect the coconut milk in this. It doesn't have any coconut smell at all, but I think what sweetens this up and makes it more smoother and creamy is the coconut milk. I don't really get cilantro, but I'm not exactly sure what plain cilantro smells like either. This one just smells like a creamy sweet pineapple and I really love it so far.

Warm Throw: The scent throw for this one is in the medium range, but that being said it smells really nice and not overwhelming like some pineapple scents can be. It is a pretty subdued sweet and mild kind of pineapple. As I mentioned before this one is a very sweetened up pineapple which makes it light and sugary and a bit more creamier and smoother for a pineapple scent. Basically this is creamy sweet pineapples. I really like this one.
These fruity scents all scream summer!
Sun & Sand: 
Cold Throw:  This isn't an exact dupe of the Yank*e brand, but it is pretty darn close. Again I tell you the website is pretty accurate. I mean you can just sniff this and you will be able to smell almost all the scents listed. But the scents don't compete with each other at all. They come together to make a new ozoney, beachy, slightly floral summer fragrance. Confused? Sorry about that, but this is a really unique scent that is hard to describe and that has the perfect name. It smells like a warm sunny day on the beach where you could play volleyball in the hot sand and slather yourself with sunscreen in a cool sea breeze. Too much imagination? No such thing lol.

Warm Throw:  I melted this scent twice and actively tried to smell the scent the second time, but I still have no idea what this smells like warmed up. I couldn't smell this in my open living room. It didn't have much of a throw in my experience. The second time I even used a half the shot and still nothing. I mean it smells good cold but I just couldn't get a throw warm. Hopefully you guys have better luck, but my living room is really open so that could have been the problem.
I wanted to love this but it keeps escaping me.
   That is all for this little review. I hope you have enjoyed it. I know it was kind of a little small compared to my other reviews but I didn't melt that much new scents this time around. I have a lot saved up for next time though so please be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for my August review. See you next time guys! Bye!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello My Old Tart

I'm finally back with my latest review!
  Well it was a long Lenten journey without any of my CBV I will tell you that much! Since I have been able to melt my tarts again I've been melting scents quickly so I could get my reviews all up for you lovelies. I know you guys had a long wait, but without further ado here is the second part of my Round Robin scent reviews....

The Bakery Scents...

Cream Cheese Frosting: 
Cold Throw: To be honest this one is really hard to judge on cold throw alone because it doesn't really smell like cream cheese or frosting the way it is now and I know it has had plenty of time to cure since it has been sitting since March. It just smells like the plastic cup right now and I can't get much of any other scent out of it. I don't know if that is how they all will smell though since this is a half shot I picked up out of the round robin so if your order this scent it might not just smell like plastic like this one does. All I get with this particular one is plastic with maybe a hint of  something creamy smelling. Guess I will have to melt this to get its true fragrance.

Warm Throw: This one is really similar to Creme Brulee. I wouldn't exactly call it a cream cheese frosting scent, it's more like a slightly sugared creamy vanilla fragrance. It is rich and sweet just like the website's description says, but I don't really get any cream cheese from it. In fact I don't really get frosting from it either because it ins't really very sweet like a lot of frosting type scents. This one smells like slightly sugared creamy vanilla to me. Despite not smelling like cream cheese frosting to me I still enjoyed this one. I think it is a scent a lot of people can enjoy because it is mild and not overly sweet, but is still creamy and noticeably subtle.The scent throw on this one was just about average. This one may not be the most unique scent but it is enjoyable in its sweet simplicity.  

Butter Pound Cake: 
Cold Throw: This one is kind of interesting because on cold throw alone I don't really smell a whole lot of Victoria's butter scent. I can still tell it is in there but it is blended well with the pound cake. The funny thing is, it doesn't really smell much like pound cake right now either though. I can tell it is a bakery scent, but I wouldn't immediately say "yep that's definitely pound cake". Right now it just kind of smells like a subdued bakery scent with a pinch of warm butter. I have a strong suspicion this will change once melted though.  

Warm Throw: It does indeed now smell like a buttered pound cake so it succeeds in living up to its claims lol. There really isn't much more to add to it than that. You get the rich warm butter, but you also get that thick pound cake right along with it. They blend together well so they aren't in competition with each other. The scent throw is about in average range. I myself am not big on butter type scents, but this one isn't bad. I can see the butter fans loving this one. It definitely is a butter pound cake scent. Even if you aren't big on butter scents like me, this one is still okay to try because the pound cake evens it out. Not recommended if you don't like bakery scents because this one screams it.
Giving you the heads up: These two are ok!
And now for the Fruity Scents... 

White Peach & Silk Blossom: 
Cold Throw: Okay so I have wanted to try this one since they first introduced it to the fragrance count. When I saw it in the round robin box I got excited...then I smelt it. I guess I was expecting it to smell more like peaches with a hint of silk blossoms. Boy was I wrong lol. This is not peachy or even fruity smelling, it is mostly just silk blossoms and like a clean undertone. It is kind of like a soft but strong floral yet slightly clean smelling fragrance. Like I can tell it is a flower, but at the same time this kind of reminds me of a specialty fabric softener. Those who know me know that I'm not a big floral fan, but so far this one isn't too bad. I can see a lot of people actually really loving this scent, but right now I'm just hoping the peach part comes out more once warmed.

Warm Throw: Well the peach is pretty much non-existent in this scent, but good news is it is more of a feminine soapy clean scent than a florally one. The silk blossom ends up smelling like a soft rich ladies body wash (which I know is the original dupe now lol). It was a very nice scent and my mother really liked it a lot. The scent throw on this one is pretty strong so it has some staying power. It is really clean and soapy, but nicely feminine with that soft silk blossom. Don't worry about the strength of the florals on cold throw because it evens out a lot once melted. I like this one and I thought for sure in the beginning it was going to be a too strong floral for me, but it wasn't at all. This one is more clean and soap like than anything. I think it is very nice and great for the spring time or any time you want a nice clean scent.  

Spanish Sunrise: 
Cold Throw: This is a nice deeper kind of citrus scent mixed with a light airiness. So it is an interesting blend to say the least. I feel like the name matches it because it kind of smells like a sunrise over an orange grove or at least that's how I imagine it. It has that outside fresh air kind of smell mixed with some ripe juicy oranges. The scent is kind of light in nature, but it has a depth that anchors it down with fruitiness. Now I haven't yet tried Morning In Madrid, but I have tried Mango Smoothie which is half of this scent. I do detect some of the Mango Smoothie in this, but I do have to say there is a lot more of a richer darker orange smell to it. I love that the oranges smell pretty authentic in this. It just has this real citrus fantastic blend to it that I can't do justice to in words.

Warm Throw: The Mango Smoothie portion in this comes out way more once it is melted. It fact it now smells like Mango Smoothie, but with some deeper oranges so it becomes more like an orange mango smoothie with some fresh airy notes thrown in there. The scent throw on this one is also about in the average range. I personally really like this one and think it is great for a nice sunny day that isn't too hot. If you like Mango Smoothie then I think you will really enjoy this one too, but only if you like citrus scents.
These 2 scents makes me happy!
Peach Magnolia Raspberry: 
Cold Throw: Really does smell just like how the name implies it to. I can identify each of the three individual scents in this one and yet at the same time they all blend together well to make one whole new scent. All of the fragrances in this one are pretty balanced so there isn't really one that stands out more than the others. I get the juicy peach, the bold magnolia, and the sweet raspberry. When they all come together they make an almost fruity floral perfume. I would be interested to smell this scent in Bath & Body. I think it would be very pretty. This one smells good for the spring and summer time so far. Not too fruity, not too floral, and not too sweet. This is just a nice mixture of them all.

Warm Throw: Wow, this baby is strong! I can see how it could be headache inducing strong for some, but it wasn't too bad for me and I'm not big on florals. The scent was nice because the peach and raspberry blended together to make this fruity sweet fragrance that balanced well with the strength of the magnolia. Magnolia is a tricky scent to mix with because it is overwhelmingly strong sometimes, but the peach raspberry combo did not lose out to it at all. It was nice that this has an even mixture of scents. That being said it did have a really strong scent throw and it ended up lasting for about 2 days. I think this is one of those scents you either love it or hate it because it is a really nice floral, but I can see those sensitive to florals not liking it because it can be a bit too much for certain noses. On one hand I liked this scent and thought it was pretty, but on another hand I didn't like it because I had to shut it off for certain amounts of time to give my head some time to clear so I wouldn't get a headache. I'd say be careful with this one is you are sensitive to florals but if you like strong floral fragrances this one is for you!
I want to melt this one again but it gives me a headache...
On to the Floral Scents...  

Breath Of Ireland:  
Cold Throw: Right now this smells like sweet clovers with a touch of clean Irish Spring soap. There is a slight airy note to it as well that makes it kind of a fresh meadow meets clean kind of smell. I also get a hint of the white musk underneath the fresh ivy and clovers. It's kind of hard to describe but the name is actually pretty appropriate. When I smell this I envision I am in an Irish meadow on the countryside right next to a waterfall with wild clovers all around. It is a very unique and refreshing outdoors kind of scent.

Warm Throw:Wow, the scent throw on this one is really strong in a good way. It filled up my entire house. The Irish Spring soapy smell kind of disappeared once it melted though, but it still smelt amazingly refreshing. It smelt like sweet clovers with a strong fresh breeze and some kind of clean undertone. I stick with my mental image of that Irish meadow. This is really a fresh outdoorsy sort of green scent. Like I said before it is kind of hard to describe. I would recommend this one if you like scents like Shamrock Kiss or Sea Moss, as it is refreshing and airy, but slightly clean, and somewhat plant like. This one got approval ratings from both my mother and I. We enjoyed this one a lot. This one is great for spring time!
This one makes me want to twirl around somewhere in an Irish meadow.
Now for the Clean Scents...

Gentleman's Coconut Bay Rum: 
Cold Throw: Now I have never smelt the actual cologne of this so I can't tell you if it is a perfect dupe or even an accurate one. That being said I do like this as a masculine fragrance. To me it isn't overly heavy or spicy like a lot of men's colognes can be. I get a shaved coconut in this one with an under current of rum that adds a nice little kick and then in the base notes hiding I think I get something of like a soft "oceany" type of cologne smell. It is hard for me to describe exactly, but for a men's cologne it isn't too intense or overpowering. It is kind of like Lighthouse Point in that it is masculine, but still kind of ozoney and clean.

Warm Throw: As far as cologne scents go this one is pretty great. It is right up there with Lighthouse Point in my books of acceptable men's fragrances. I don't really care for cologne or perfume like scents so that is really saying something. This one has a medium scent throw and is soft and yet only slightly spicy (not cinnamon spicy, but like cologne spice) with a little bit of a beach like summer's night twist. Haha that sounds crazy, but it is what I think. You still get the slightly shaved coconut but it is very subtle, mixed with a smooth spice and some rum with some masculine notes too. If a man walked by me wearing this scent I would secretly inhale and savor the fragrance. Don't judge me! I know you've all done it before too! This one I wouldn't really consider too "clean", but like Lighthouse Point it is kind of a lighter ozone masculine scent.
This one smells like a handsome man!
Sea Moss: 
Cold Throw: Truth be told I have no idea what real sea moss smells like nor do I particularly care to find out. This however doesn't smell too bad. It is in that kind of oceany/airy/clean/spa like category. It has a little bit of all of those about it. It is kind of spa like because it has that ocean air kind of fragrance that a lot of aerosol sprays have that you find in bathrooms. It is fresh and brisk smelling with a tiny hint of ocean brine. I like it. I think it would be great in a bathroom or an ocean place or themed room.

Warm Throw: This one smells pretty much the same as it did on cold, only the clean note isn't like a stringent cleaner smell, but more like a fresh oceany air kind of clean. This scent is very refreshing because it has that watery ozone like green kind of fragrance, but it isn't too briney or too green. It is kind of like this real nice balance between the two. And no this does not really smell like moss. It isn't earthy smelling at all really. It just has a few notes of "greenery" that are more spa like than anything. So earthy haters don't fear. The scent throw on this one was medium average. This was a pleasant surprise. I never would have thought to try this one on my own and I'm glad that it came up in the round robin because it is a unique and fresh scent.

And for the lone Tropical Scent... 

Island Spa: 
Cold Throw: I can immediately detect the fern and the cucumber in this one blended with a breezy almost crisp and clean fruity kind of smell. I kind of want to say that this has mangoes in it, but I know it doesn't according to the description so maybe it is the passion fruit I am getting. I'm don't know, but I like it. It is different in that it is kind of tropical smelling, but also airy enough to be a clean fragrance. So to me it is like mangoes, grapefruits, cucumbers, some light fern in the bottom and a light air conditioned breeze. Again with my ridiculous descriptions lol! It will be interesting to see if any more scents pop up once warmed.  

Warm Throw:  I stick with my initial description of this scent. It was kind of clean but in a refreshing crisp and slightly tropical kind of way. The scent throw on this one was medium strong, but nothing overwhelming.  I really like this one and my mother even commented that she did too so this one is a winner in our house. It is kind of surprising I don't hear much talk about this one because it is pretty darn good and oh so refreshing. It is really great for summer when it is hot and you don't know what to melt because everything just smells so heavy. This one is a keeper. If you like the Glade or Air Wick tropical clean kind of smells then you will probably like this one.
I just don't understand why this doesn't get more love.
And finally for the Perfume Scents... 

Japanese Cherry Blossom: 
Cold Throw: Like Cajun Cornbread this is one that I have had previously, but couldn't get past the cold throw so I swapped in a round robin without melting. Well since I am OCD when it comes to my scent shots after I gave it away I instantly regretted it. I had to no for sure whether or not I liked it and I can't do that without fully melting it and giving it a try. So when this round robin came I snatched it up again lol. This one smells a bit different than my last Cherry Blossom shot did. The one I originally tried smelt kind of musky, mixed with old lady perfume and moth balls. Thankfully this one doesn't smell like that. It smells like a mature woman's perfume {but not granny perfume) mixed with a slightly clean smell. Not sure what to make of this one so I will just have to melt it once and for all.

Warm Throw: I was very afraid to melt this one but I am so glad that I did because it smells NOTHING like the cold throw on my first one.Granted this is one of those that take a really long time to cure into maturity. It still smells kind of like a perfume, but it isn't too perfumey if you know what I mean? It doesn't have that chemical perfume smell. This one is really hard to describe. You can smell just a hint of like soft rice powder but it isn't powdery and is very soft probably because it is vanilla rice don't get much vanilla. You can smell the soft crushed cherry blossom petals but they are anchored by a deeper richer scent. It isn't musky or sweet, but it is just deep in the way that perfumes can be where there is just more depth to it. The scent throw on this one was medium strong and I was quite surprised that I ended up liking it and so did my mom. I expected both of us to hate it but it was nice and different. So it is a keeper and it makes me glad that I took a chance on it again. It just goes to show that you should always melt a scent before you judge it even if it takes a really long time to cure because it could be a hidden gem. Oh by the way I don't know how this hold up to the B&BW scent because I'm not all that familiar with it. Sorry!

Pink Sugar & Coconut:
Cold Throw: The name pretty much describes it perfectly. It is the perfume Pink Sugar which is like a light girly perfume of spun sugar mixed with coconut shavings on top.The scents actually go together really well. I'm not a big fan of Pink Sugar by itself but I do like it a lot more with coconut added in. Pink Sugar has always been like a mixer scent to me but with the coconut it smells like a complete stand alone fragrance now.

Warm Throw: I like this one a lot better than just Pink Sugar. The coconut and Pink Sugar don't compete with each other but come together to create a whole new scent. It is a lot more well rounded with the coconut added. The scent throw on this one was a little over medium so it had a pretty good throw. If you like Pink Sugar on its own then I think you will love this one, however if you didn't care for it don't write this one off without trying ti first because it might surprise you.
Totally surprised I liked these two!
Well that wraps up the second part of my round robin reviews. I hope they were helpful and not too crazy lol. I will be back next month with more summer time scents and some of the newer released ones as well. I have a lot of melting to do and catch up on. I hope you all enjoyed this and have a wonderful day. Until next time guys! Bye!  


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shot Though The Tart....

I'm back with a round robin review so get ready...
   Not too long ago we had a Round Robin over on The Pouring Pot and I swapped out a lot of scents. So many that I have to break it into two part reviews. This will just be the review for this month since I gave up CBV for Lent, the second one will have to come later when Lent is over and I can melt again. I hope this tides you over until then. Without further ado I present my thoughts on the new scents I took out of the round robin...

We will start this one off with the bakery scents as usual...

Buttermint Candies:
Cold Throw: Being the mint lover that I am I just couldn't pass this one up. And it does indeed smell like real buttermint candies. Now if you have never had buttermint candies let me tell you there is no butter smell in this one so don't be alarmed if you don't like buttery scents. This is like a subdued soft peppermint candy, which is basically what a buttermint candy is. It is a small pastel melt in your mouth mint candy. This is like a semi-sweet soft mint. Not an abrasive or sharp mint. I like it a lot. But then again I love almost all things minty.

Warm Throw: Mmmm minty goodness. As I stated before, this one smells just like an authentic melt in your mouth pretty pastel buttermint candy. The mint continues to be a softer peppermint smell and the scent throw is strong without being abrasive. It is kind of a nice medium for the scent mint scents where it is more mint than anything else, but it isn't a sharp or too powerful kind of mint. Me likey. So mint fans you will want this one, those who want to try a mint scent but aren't sure about which ones to get I would maybe recommend you start with this one, Peppermint Bark, or Dark Angel as an introduction mint because the mint in this one and those are on the softer and less harsher side.

Apricot Crumb Cake: 
Cold Throw: I have wanted to try this since I believe it was Jenn over on The Pouring Pot mentioned it. Needless to say when I saw it I knew I couldn't pass it up. I get the apricots right away when I smell this and then I smell the crumb cake part right in the base notes. I like that the apricot doesn't smell artificial or candy like. It smells pretty much like how the name implies it should.It is fruity but the fruitiness is toned down by the cake which makes it a great mixture of fruity and bakery.

Warm Throw: This was pretty much the same as it was cold only the bakery and the fruit sort of come together as one whole scent instead of apricot and then the crumb cake. The fragrances are equally balanced so you don't get one more than the other.  It smells like a legit apricot crumb cake. The scent throw on this one is in the average range. I personally liked this one. It is a nice difference to the usual heavy bakery and fruity scents because it is on the lighter side. It is semi-sweet  but not thick or sickeningly so. Pretty good in my books.

Berry Blackberry Cobbler: 
Cold Throw: I definitely get the blackberries mixed with some other kind of berry and there in the very edges of the scent you get that cobbler fragrance which is kind of crispy. But the berries are the main focus here. These blackberries remind me of something but I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it. I want to say it reminds me of like a fruit roll up or berry candy but that really isn't it. Maybe a juice? I don't know for sure but it is certainly a sweet kind of blackberry. Ali said once that this smelt like a blackberry pie and while I have never had a blackberry pie I think it is safe to assume she is right.

Warm Throw: The cobbler fragrance did come out more once warmed. I think it went hand in hand with the blackberries so it was more an authentic blackberry cobbler fragrance as opposed to it just being a blackberry scent with a little cobbler. It fits the name almost perfectly really. Not much more to say about it other than it smells like a blackberry cobbler. The scent throw on this one was decently average. I'm not a huge blackberry fan but both my mother and I liked this one. It was nice and wasn't too heavy on the blackberries or too heavy on the cobbler. If you do like blackberries you need to try this one.

Boston Cream Pie:
Cold Throw: At first sniff this one smells kind of similar to Chocolate Chip Cookies in that slightly crispy unidentifiable bakery scent. That is what makes up the majority of this scent. I feel like I can kind of sniff out the cream part, but it is mainly that crispy bakery fragrance.I don't get any chocolate with this one so far. It just kind of smells like how Chocolate Chip Cookies does only without the chocolate. I want to see if all that will change once I melt it.

Warm Throw: This one really changed a lot once melted. It began to smell more like an actual boston cream pie. It was very custardy and creamy smelling. No real discernible chocolate smell that I could tell though. The scent throw was medium. I liked this one more than I thought I would. It is a unique scent to have around if you are ever looking for a change of pace in your bakery scents. If you like custardy or creamy vanilla type scents then I would recommend this one. I think if you like Creme Brulee you will probably like this one too. The two scents are different but same in their creamy and mildness.

Blackberry Caramel Rice Pudding: 
Cold Throw: I can instantly smell the rice pudding part of this but it does go hand in hand with a semi-sweet blackberry scent couple with a drizzle of thick caramel. Basically I can pick out every scent in the name lol. The blackberry and the caramel kind of take the backseat to the rice pudding. I wasn't exactly sure how this mixture of odd scents would smell, but so far it smells pretty good to my nose. While some scents are stronger than the others all of the fragrances mix well and there really isn't one that "competes" with the others that might throw off the whole scent balance.

Warm Throw: I felt like this one was more caramel rice pudding than anything. I didn't really get much if any of the blackberries. That being so I still ended up liking this one.The caramel wasn't super thick or sweet and it blended really well with the rice pudding. I feel like the caramel definitely sweetened up the otherwise maybe a bit plain rice pudding. The rice pudding in this smells like rice porridge, but that could just be my mind's interpretation. This reminded me of like a slightly sweeter, fun twist on Bonsai. I like how this scent is mild and isn't anything that could be construed as "offensive" or too sweet. The scent throw was in the medium average range. This one is good to fill a room with, but granted if you don't like rice pudding scents like Bonsai then this one might not be for you.  
These were all good!
Graham Cracker Crust: 
Cold Throw: I have been wanting to try this one for awhile now. I never added it to my orders though because while I like graham cracker crust I wasn't sure I was going to like it as a stand alone fragrance. But then there it was in the round robin box just waiting for me. Naturally I had to trade for it. Right now on cold throw it smells a little off even though the date on the lid says it has had about 4 months to cure. I'm assuming then that this one will be one that shows it's magic once warmed up. Right now I don't smell graham crackers at all. In fact I'm not sure what it does smell like at the moment. It has that unidentifiable crisp bakery note that is in Boston Cream Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have no idea what to make of this scent on it's own because I don't know if being in the round robin has altered it a bit or if that is how it just is. I guess I will just have to melt this one to find out.

Warm Throw: At first this one really smelled like graham cracker crust but the longer it was on the more it began to smell like burnt graham cracker crust. I'm not talking about the typical burning smell you get with the warmers sometimes either. The burnt smell wasn't an offensive something's burning in the oven type of smell but more like the edges of the graham cracker crust got burnt a little. Like it got a little too crispy. At least that is what it smells like to me. But in the beginning it really did smell like it's namesake. It could just be me, but I wasn't too blown away by it. I mean I didn't hate it by any means, it was just one of those neutral take it or leave it scents in my book. I prefer Get Me S'more because the graham cracker crust smells better in that one to my nose. Don't let me scare you off of it though because I can see a lot of people really loving this one as it is. The scent throw was pretty average too.

Breakfast In Vermont: 
Cold Throw: I get a baked bread type of smell first with this one. There are other scents I'm getting, one kind of smells creamy so I'm thinking that is the white chocolate. It is like this bready fragrance with this under current of semi-sweetness though I wouldn't say it smells chocolatey exactly. I'm not really sure how to describe this accurately. I mean you do smell the flour and the white chocolate and a touch of molasses and caramel but they all come together to smell like some baked specialty sweetened bread. If you were expecting this to smell anything resembling breakfast foods though, don't lol.  

Warm Throw: I still got a slightly yeasty baked bread scent. I don't know if that is just the type I got or not but it smelt like baked bread with a little bit of a chocolatey and semi-sweet maple note. Now I am a maple hater, so fellow maple haters before you write this one off let me just say it wasn't syrupy or sticky sweet in the least. In fact I hesitate to put down maple because it really wasn't distinct enough to call it that.There was something that sweetened it up without it being creamy or sugary so I'm guessing it was maple. Over all though I'd say it smelt like a chocolate pastry but more on the bread side. Like a baked bread with a drizzle of chocolate on the top. The scent throw was pretty moderate. I have mixed feelings on this one. I don't hate the scent, I'm just not sure I like it all that much either. It doesn't bother me and I can see a lot of bakery lovers liking this one I just think there are other bakery scents that I prefer a lot more. So I'm not sure if I want to keep or swap this one. Time will tell, but if you like bready chocolatey scents then get this one and don't let me scare you away from it. My nose is just finicky is all when it comes to bakery scents.
I can't decide if I like the last two or not...
Cajun Cornbread: 
Cold Throw: Okay so I have had this one before but was so turned off by the cold throw that I couldn't bring myself to melt it. I ended up swapping it in the last round robin. So after regret set it in wondering if the scent changed miraculously after melting I began to want to try it again. But I didn't want to pay for another shot if in case I didn't like it after all. Needless to say when I saw it pop up in this round robin I snatched it up quickly. The cold throw still smells like how I remember my last one smelt like: sickeningly sweet vomit with the tiniest pinch of cornbread. It has had plenty of cure time. So here is hoping that it does in fact smell much better once warmed up and now at least I will know for sure whether I love or hate this scent.

Warm Throw: Yep, I still hate it lol. Granted it wasn't as bad as I initially thought it to be. It doesn't smell like sickeningly sweet vomit anymore. The cornbread does come out more, but for my part the Peach Preserves ruins it and makes it too thick, too heavy, and too pungently sweet. I just don't care for this mixture of scents. I think the cornbread would be fine on its own and I like peach fragrances but together this is just a big time no for me. That being said my mother said it smelt good to her. So it is entirely my nose that just does not like this at all. The scent throw was pretty strong. I can't say exactly how strong since I had to turn it off after a while. So I would say this is somewhere between strong and super strong. I can see other's liking this scent it just isn't for me.  This one is going right back into the next round robin, but at least my curiosity is now satisfied. I'd say if you don't like cornbread or especially if you don't like Peach Preserves then hard pass on this one. If you like those then give it a shot you may love it like a lot of people.
My final verdict on Cajun Cornbread.
Now for the fruity scents....

Brooke's Delight: 
Cold Throw: This is definitely one for the citrus lovers. Luckily for me I just so happen to be one of those people. I get the "pow" kind of tangy citrus from the tangerines but it is anchored down by the juicy oranges. It kind of reminds me of Tang. You know that powdered orange drink? That's what this smells like. It is slightly sweet and slightly tangy with a whole lot of citrusy goodness. Now if you don't like citrus or Tang then hard pass on this one for you.

Warm Throw: I stand by my initial description. This one smells like straight up Tang. I actually like it a lot. I like how it is a different kind of orange fragrance thanks to the tangerines.  The tangerine adds this slight tangyness  and the oranges add some sweetness so it all just comes together as a unique citrus scent. The scent throw on this one was pretty moderate. I really liked it but if you don't like the smell of Tang the powdered orange drink then you won't like this one most likely.

Grape Soda: 
Cold Throw: This is a funny scent because while it is Grape mixed with Fizzy Pop, the blended mixture actually comes out smelling like grape gummie bears to me. It is the strangest thing lol. Over all not what I was expecting but a fun scent none the less. Doesn't really smell like grape soda to me though. The fizzies of the Fizzy Pop is toned down the most I have ever smelt it in all the scents that have been mixed with it. It adds this candy sweetness but not really a carbonated kick that I am used to expecting. The grape is really a candy like grape scent. I don't know if that is the effect of the Fizzy Pop or just the type it originally was but nevertheless it all ends up smelling like gummie bears to me.

Warm Throw: This still smells majorly like gummie bears. My mother said it smelled like grape Kool-Aid to her, but all I smell is straight up gummie bears. Not a problem for the candy craver me, but if you were expecting an actual grape soda fragrance then you may be disappointed. There really isn't any tingly carbonated fizzy smell that you usually get from Fizzy Pop blends. Really the best I can describe what this smells like is just open up a big 10 gallon jar of gummie bears, stick your head inside, and inhale. That's what this smells like. The scent throw on this one surprised me because it is pretty strong. It filled almost my entire house and lasted decently long. I personally liked this one. It wasn't what I was expecting , but I like the novelty of it. I mean you don't find very many gummie bear like tarts out there. So if you like gummie bears or sweet candy scents in general get this one. You know what, get this one just for the novelty of it. It is a fun scent that is just neat to have tried and I'm really glad I found this in the round robin because I don't know if I would have tried it otherwise.
The nostalgia of these 2 scents made me so happy.
And now for some seasonal scents out of season lol... 

Christmas Eve: 
Cold Throw: Smells pretty much exactly like how the description makes it sound. It does smell like a Christmas punch complete with nutmeg and ginger. Don't be scared off by the eggnog since it isn't a creamy spicy scent at all.  The eggnog and vanilla really just add this nice anchoring base that helps round out the overall scent. The spices in this one are all the baking kind of spices so they aren't too sharp or too stringent or overwhelming. This one is a great and unique Christmas scent.

Warm Throw: It is a little bit heavier on the nutmeg and ginger in the beginnings of melting this scent, but don't worry it evens out once it has had some time to fully melt and release the rest of the fragrance. I really liked this one. I didn't have this one around Christmas time and so I am excited to keep it for next Christmas because I think it will be perfect for the season. It does smell like a festive Christmas punch. It has light spices that are soft and just brings in the fragrances of the Christmas season. It is hard to describe because it isn't like fruit punch, but more like a lightly spiced kind of drink. It is perfect for the holidays. I like Christmas Lane better but this one is definitely nice to have around the yuletide season. The scent throw is pretty medium strong.

Pumpkin White Chocolate:
Cold Throw: Who cares if it is spring? Pumpkin fragrances are good all year round in my house. The pumpkin in this does have some spice in it so it is more like spiced pumpkin.  You can really tell the Red Hot cinnamon in this one which mixes great with the creamy pumpkin however it overshadows the white chocolate in my opinion. In fact the white chocolate part of the scent is kind of hard to detect. If you have tried many of Victoria's pumpkin scents like I have then you can tell that there is something else in this scent that tones down the spiced pumpkin half but it really isn't something that you would immediately point out as white chocolate. More just like a mild base of some sort. I'm kind of hoping the white chocolate will come out more once warmed because if not then this is just another spiced pumpkin scent only a little bit more subdued than most.

Warm Throw: This one smells like it did on cold throw. The white chocolate really wasn't that detectable but like I said if you have tried a lot of pumpkin scents like I have then you will be able to tell that there is something acting as a creamier base to tone down the spice in this. It smelt more like spiced pumpkin than anything, which isn't a problem for me but if you don't care for spiced pumpkin then this might be kind of a let down for you. The scent throw on this one was, as usual for pumpkin scents, super strong. I enjoyed this one. I would enjoy it more in the fall, but it is a nice slightly spicy pumpkin fragrance. It isn't as powerful or as spicy as Pumpkin Pie Spice. This reminds me a little of Pumpkin Pickin at the moment but I haven't compared the two just yet. I'd say if you like Harvest or Pumpkin Pickin you will like this. If you aren't big on spiced pumpkin scents then I suggest trying Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread or Pumpkin Eggnog first just to ease you in.

Frankincense & Myrrh: 
Cold Throw: Smells pretty much like how you would think. If you aren't familiar with frankincense or myrrh then allow me to attempt to describe it. This smells kind of like clove in that it is like a very soft spice scent but it isn't "spicy" at all. There is no sharpness to the scent at all. It is all very smooth. I also feel like it is kind of a neutral scent in that is smells really nice but is neither girly or masculine smelling. I can see both genders enjoying this one without much complaint. You know some scents can just be "offensive" to certain noses but I don't see too many people having a problem with this one since it is so smooth and steady.

Warm Throw: Remains the same as it did on cold only there is a touch of powderyness to it, which kind of makes sense because it is typically used as an incense scent especially for certain religious purposes. Smells pretty nice to me. It is a unique scent that is really difficult to explain because unless you have smelt frankincense or myrrh you can't really compare it to anything else. Having said that it isn't too spicy, or too earthy or herbal, nor is it too sweet. It really is just a well rounded soft but deep kind of scent. That probably made no sense, but you really just have to try this one for yourself. For me personally I really like it. The scent throw is just kind of average. which is still good I just want all my scents to fill my entire house lol. I'd say try this one at least once that way you can decide for yourself because really it is just so hard to explain in words. I like this one, but that could be for my personal religious beliefs that make it a special and comforting scent to me.

Pink Noel: 
Cold Throw: Almost since I first got into CBV I had heard many people rave about Pink Noel. I had also heard the same thing about Vanilla Bean Noel.  I got VBN on my second order ever and I didn't know much about cure times back then. So naturally within the week I melted VBN and hated it. It was way too perfumey and sickeningly sweet for my nose. Now I don't know if my hatred for the scent was because it didn't have enough cure time or because I just don't care for the scent itself. I haven't ordered it since then. So naturally I immediately halfway wrote off Pink Noel because it is half VBN. Still something always drew me back to Pink Noel on the list. So I was excited when I saw it in the round robin. And once I popped off the lid I knew I had to try it in the warmer. It smells so much better than I thought it would. To be honest I thought it would smell gross lol. But it isn't, nor do I find it too sickeningly sweet smelling. The main scent I'm getting is Pink Cupcake but you can pick out this undercurrent of coolness which is coming from the VBN. It is definitely a cupcake scent, but it is like a cool and sweet cupcake. The mint really isn't standing out, it is more of an accompanying scent that just boosts the fragrance and gives it that special cooling twist. 

Warm Throw: It smells so good. It smells like a heavy vanilla cotton candy cupcake (not at all disgusting like it sounds, try Watermelon Cupcake on it's own to make sure you like it first) with a very slight cooling undertone. The mint is a cool scent that really isn't all that minty or strong. There is no like menthol or sinus clearing mint in this one. Just sweet heavy cupcake with a unique cooling tone to it. The scent throw on this one wasn't super strong like a lot of mints tend to be. Instead this one had an average scent throw.  I liked this one and think it is a sweet and fun fragrance. I also think you could melt this one any time of the year. I would make sure you try Watermelon Cupcake first before you try this one because if you don't like the cotton candy cupcake smell from that then you most likely won't care for it in this one.
These will be perfect come Christmas time!  
    Well that's it for the first part of my round robin reviews. I still have a few more from the round robin to review but won't get to that until after Easter when I can melt again. So please be patient with me guys. I will have a lot more spring and summer scents to review for you guys next time. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this little review and I hope you guys have a wonderful Saint Patty's Day! Until next time guys!