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Summertime Scents

It has been way too long since I posted a review.
        Hello again lovelies! It has been a long time since I posted a scent review I know. My 8 year old XP finally died out on me so I went a month trying to revive her before I finally had to retire her and buy a new one. Is there anything more nerve wracking than trying to find the perfect computer? #firstworldproblems. Anyways some of these reviews are older so some of the scents aren't as accurate as I would like them to be since my brain hasn't caught back up with my nose quite yet. My scent description skills has gotten a little rusty after lent and then not melting a month while I waited for my computer to take notes before I cut into my new scents. So without further ado here you are....

As always I start with the bakery scents, but surprisingly there is only one this time.

Banana Caramel Cupcake: 
Cold Throw: The website's description for this one is actually pretty dead on really. It smells like a candied banana drenched with thick caramel all atop a moist vanilla cupcake. It really does smell delicious, like something I want to eat. Personally I'm iffy on banana scents, sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them, but I really like this one so far. It is more bakery smelling than anything. And cinnamon haters don't worry I smell absolutely no cinnamon in this at all. Can't wait to see what this one smells like melted.

Warm Throw: Smells the same as on cold. This one is really yummy. The candied banana mixes with a slight drizzle of caramel that isn't too thick or too sweet and then you get the base of the cupcake. It isn't really a "cake" like scent, but the name pretty much does it justice anyway. This one is really good and the banana doesn't get lost in the bakery scents. The scent throw on this one was medium average. Sadly though, just like with all banana scents the scent doesn't last that long. I still got a good 2 to 3 hours of scent out of the 1/4th shot I used. As for the banana scents this one is at the top for now, but it might get knocked down by the Banana Foster curing in my stash.
New top favorite banana scent!
And now onto the summer florals... 

Luna Type: 
Cold Throw: I was really hesitant on this one because of the description of so many florals and as most of you know I'm not a big floral lover. Fortunately for me though these florals are really soft and pretty. They all blend together so nicely and seamlessly that I can't pick out one individual flower. This one is really sweet for a floral, but without being in any way fruity smelling. The flowers in this are so soft and light that I don't think it would irritate much those who are sensitive to florals. I'm looking forward to melting this one.

Warm Throw: Probably my favorite scent of the entire order. This one smells just as good warmed up as it did on cold. This one is up there as one of my top favorite florals. It is slightly sweet, soft pretty florals, but there is something very feminine and romantic about the scent. The scent throw is in the medium to medium strong range. I can see this as a nice bedroom scent or even a nursery scent since it is so soft and comforting. I think this would be amazing in anything Bath & Body. Definitely recommend everyone to try this!

Dogwood Blossoms: 
Cold Throw: I decided to get this one because Jason (charmedleo) had a review of it on his blog and he said he thought it was a nice floral for those who don't like florals to try if I remember correctly. I try to be careful with the floral scents I order, they are mainly hit and miss so I decided to try this one. This one isn't that bad. It is more like a clean floral, like the kind that laundry sheets are made to smell like. I've never smelt an actual dogwood b lossom so there is no telling if it is accurate on that account, but I like it. It smells fresh and pretty like a dryer sheet lol.

Warm Throw: I stick to my initial description on this one. It smells like a clean laundry sheet type of floral. It is really nice actually, not your typical floral scent. The scent throw is actually medium strong, but not in a way that is overwhelming or too pungent. I don't think it would give people headaches who are sensitive to florals unless they were really really sensitive. I like it. It is more a clean scent I think than a floral though. If I smelt this one blindfolded I would have sworn it was a clean laundry scent. So if you aren't a fan of florals or just like clean scents this one is worth a try. 
I actually found 2 more floral scents I like!

Now onto the Earthy fragrances... 

Hemingway Type: 
Cold Throw: I was incredibly iffy about this one when I ordered it, since I'm not a fan of masculine type scents in general, but the author it was named after and the description sold me on it. I'm really glad I took a chance on this one because it isn't anything I expected. The description on the site is actually pretty accurate, but I was thinking it would smell too earthy or cologne like for me, but luckily it isn't. You actually do get all scents mentioned. The first thing I smell is a blend of apple peel and sweet wood. The wood smell doesn't smell like trees or lumber but more like wooden furniture, like country rocking chairs and tables. The cinnamon in this is a sweet baking kind so there isn't any red hot smell. I also get a hint of leather too. All the scent blend together though to make one country store kind of smell. It reminds me of Cracker Barrel if you have ever been in one of those. It is really nice and nostalgic like a log cabin or something.

Warm Throw: This scent feels very familiar to me. It smells like a country antique store we have in my hometown that I go to often. The apple peels come out more once warmed, but they blend with aged wood furniture smell. The leather just ties it all together while being noticeable, but not new car smell noticeable. It has been a little while since I melted this one but if I recall correctly it had a medium scent throw. I really liked this one. It is a bit more of a country, log cabin kind of smell than an earthy scent though. I think this one will be really nice to melt in the fall.  
Hemingway type makes me feel nostalgic.
Now for one from Candleman's Closet... 

Cold Throw: Ever since I first got into CBV 2 years ago I have heard non-stop talk about this scent. I'm not a big fan of L*ush scents, so I just now brought myself to order it. I think I might be the only one on the planet who doesn't care for this scent *runs from people throwing empty scent shot cups*. It is a shame because I really wanted to like this one, but so far on cold throw alone it isn't doing anything for me. I get how a lot of people describe this as a unisex scent because it is warm and musky and slightly earthy smelling to me.Yet it has the tiniest bit of sweetness to it and a slightly feminine sunflower like floral note in it. I don't know what to make of this scent really. I don't hate it, but I don't necessarily like it either. I guess I will just have to melt it to be sure.

Warm Throw: This one is better than I thought it was gonna be, but I still don't care for it. My mom ended up liking it though so I decided to keep it. This one wasn't bad by any means or offensive smelling it just was a combination of scents that my nose did not like. It is too unisex smelling for me. It leans more on the masculine side, but it can still be considered a earthy feminine scent. It isn't too earthy, like dirt or nature smelling, but it does have the hint of heady "earthiness" if you catch my drift. It smells like it did on cold throw with that little hint a semi-sweet floral. It is warm smelling and the scent throw is really strong. This one actually lasted for 2 days in my house. It wasn't bad, like I said, I didn't mind it too much, but I won't be repurchasing. However if you like scents like this then get it and don't let me scare you off if it sounds like something you would like. I just like more sweet girly scents is all.
I hate to be a downer, but I didn't care for this one.
Now on to the Fruity scents... 

Pink Sangria: 
Cold Throw: I remember a while back Mandy over on The Pouring Pot really raved about this scent, and that is why I decided to try it too. I want to be upfront and say I'm not a drinker at all so I've never had nor smelt a sangria before. But let me try and explain what this smells like to me. It smells like sugared berries in a sweet fruity drink. There is no "wine" smell, or fermented grape kind of scent in this. It is sweet, fruity, and refreshingly light for a berry scent. I don't really get too much mandarin or apple, but I think they are what is blended in this that is making it so sweet and well rounded instead of just a plain berry scent. This is really juicy and perfect for the summertime.

Warm Throw: I think I found yet another favorite to add to my collection. It smells pretty much the same as it did cold only it has much more "oomph"to it when it fills the room. It reminds me of like a sparkling berry summer drink. When I say sparkling though I don't mean there is any carbonation in it like in Fizzy Pop, but just in it's light sweetness. This one is juicy and fun really just great. The scent throw is medium. If you like berry scents you NEED to try this one.

Melon Ball: 
Cold Throw: Well the website's description for this is pretty vague to say the least lol! A yummy blend of all things fruity...that's it. Despite it's vagueness it is actually really accurate. But let me to try give you more details. I can immediately pick out a honeydew melon blended with another melon. There is other sweet fruits mixed in there as well but they aren't identifiable to me.It is pretty much just a nice fruity melon scent. It is really good and the melons aren't the overly ripe, sickeningly sweet kind. They are fresh and don't compete with each other at all. I really like this one so far.

Warm Throw: Melon lovers rejoice this one is for you! This one smells like honeydew and watermelon mixed together with maybe, maybe the tiniest pinch of Marshmallow Ambrosia in the undercurrents. It is really fruity and just oh so good. I like this one a lot and the scent throw is pretty strong as well. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Tangerine Mimosa: 
Cold Throw: This one smells more on the "tart" side of the citrus scents. It isn't bitter or sour or anything like that it just isn't as sweet as a lot of the citrus scents tend to be. I wouldn't exactly describe this one as smelling like a real tangerine because let's be honest real champagne has a pretty distinct scent and this is devoid of any of that bubbly alcohol smell. Still this one is nice and tangy with just a hint of sweetness.

Warm Throw: Smells the same pretty much once warmed if I remember correctly. It is kind of tart in the way that Tang is tart, but sweet. It is very similar to Brooke's Delight, but not as sweet. The scent throw on this one is about in the average range. It is light and great for those times when you want something fruity but not something too heavy or sweet. I liked it and is a fun and unique scent to have in my stash.

Pineapple Cilantro: 
Cold Throw: This is a really nice pineapple scent so far. It is pineapple, but it is sweetened up a bit by the sugar cane and call me crazy but I think I can detect the coconut milk in this. It doesn't have any coconut smell at all, but I think what sweetens this up and makes it more smoother and creamy is the coconut milk. I don't really get cilantro, but I'm not exactly sure what plain cilantro smells like either. This one just smells like a creamy sweet pineapple and I really love it so far.

Warm Throw: The scent throw for this one is in the medium range, but that being said it smells really nice and not overwhelming like some pineapple scents can be. It is a pretty subdued sweet and mild kind of pineapple. As I mentioned before this one is a very sweetened up pineapple which makes it light and sugary and a bit more creamier and smoother for a pineapple scent. Basically this is creamy sweet pineapples. I really like this one.
These fruity scents all scream summer!
Sun & Sand: 
Cold Throw:  This isn't an exact dupe of the Yank*e brand, but it is pretty darn close. Again I tell you the website is pretty accurate. I mean you can just sniff this and you will be able to smell almost all the scents listed. But the scents don't compete with each other at all. They come together to make a new ozoney, beachy, slightly floral summer fragrance. Confused? Sorry about that, but this is a really unique scent that is hard to describe and that has the perfect name. It smells like a warm sunny day on the beach where you could play volleyball in the hot sand and slather yourself with sunscreen in a cool sea breeze. Too much imagination? No such thing lol.

Warm Throw:  I melted this scent twice and actively tried to smell the scent the second time, but I still have no idea what this smells like warmed up. I couldn't smell this in my open living room. It didn't have much of a throw in my experience. The second time I even used a half the shot and still nothing. I mean it smells good cold but I just couldn't get a throw warm. Hopefully you guys have better luck, but my living room is really open so that could have been the problem.
I wanted to love this but it keeps escaping me.
   That is all for this little review. I hope you have enjoyed it. I know it was kind of a little small compared to my other reviews but I didn't melt that much new scents this time around. I have a lot saved up for next time though so please be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for my August review. See you next time guys! Bye!

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