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Total Eclipse Of The Tarts

I'm back again with another review.
      Hello again candle friends. It has been a little over a month since my last review I believe, so I am back with a slightly bigger list of scents that I have tried. All of these scents have had at least two weeks minimum to cure, though most of them have had at least a month or so to cure. I had a bit more of the newer scents added to the CBV site in my possession this time around so some are new goodies and some are old.  This review is mainly on the summertime scents that I have been going through before fall, but there are some year round fragrances to check out. So without further ado let's get down to it shall we?

As always I like to start with the bakery category...

Cozy Kitchen: 
Cold Throw: Those familiar with my scent tastes know that I love apple scents and so far this one is no exception. This is a creamy sweet crisp apple fragrance. It is a combination of Creme Brulee' and Caramel Apple and I do get both of those scents when I smell this. The two fragrances are equally balanced enough. You get the fresh apple with a touch of thick caramel from the Caramel Apple half and then you get the smooth creamy vanilla sweetness from the Creme Brulee.

Warm Throw:  The caramel comes out a bit more once warmed up. It does however still remain a smooth creamy caramel apple scent. The apple portion does kind of lose it's crispness. You still get the apple fragrance, but the crisp bite is toned down a lot. The two scents remain almost equally balanced though. The scent throw for this one was in the average range. I liked this one, but just for me personally I think I prefer Caramel Apple over this one, just because I like that fresh crispness to my apple scents. However don't let me put you off of this scent because it is really good and perfect for the upcoming fall season.
This scent makes me very happy it is fall.
The Hunger Games:  
Cold Throw: Another mixed scent of two already existing fragrances, this one is Enchanted Apple and Candied Apple. I mainly get the light airy clean Macintosh apple from Enchanted Apple, but the Candied Apple does sweeten it up a bit and it adds some depth to the scent in my opinion. This a just a really fresh crisp apple scent and it isn't overly sweetened which I think is nice. I think of this one in the same category as Mango Tango because it is a fruity clean fresh air kind of fragrance that is great to melt all year round.

Warm Throw: As soon as my friend walked in while I was melting this he said, "What is that tasty fruity scent?" lol he is used to my house being well fragranced, but he really liked this one. So it was an instant hit in my home. It still smelt like how it did on cold throw only the coolness from the Candied Apple came out more so it was a whole lot better! I really love this one it is just a cool, crisp, airy apple fragrance. The scent throw on this baby was decently strong. Not overwhelming, but it manage to fill up my open spaced home. Three cheers for this awesome new fragrance!

Watermelon Taffy
Cold Throw: Oh goodness, I think I have a new all time favorite watermelon scent. This is everything I was hoping Strawberry Taffy would be but sadly wasn't. This smells like real home made salt water watermelon taffy. It is so authentic smelling, like you just bought it at the state fair. It smells just like soft gooey taffy. The watermelon is sweet and light and just a perfect dupe of the actual candy. I can't wait to melt this one.

Warm Throw: Sweet delicious watermelon salt water taffy! This one is so good! It smells just like it's namesake and the scent throw force in this one is strong! It filled my entire house which is really hard to find now since I have very wide open rooms which is a lot of space to cover. This is definitely in my top favorite fruity scents. I still really love Cranberry Watermelon Lemon Lime Fizz, but it is tied with this one for first in the watermelon category.

Satsuma Punch:
Cold Throw: I love Satsuma so much and I like Champagne Pomegranate and the mixture of these two scents I like so far. I didn't know what to expect but the light citrus from Satsuma is kind of anchored down by the pomegranate making it a kind of heavier scent than I had imagined, but it is still good. You get that little bit of carbonation from the Champagne Pomegranate that gives it that "champagne" feel. I can kind of see this as smelling like an "adult" fruit punch at like a nice social gathering.

Warm Throw: My mother and I liked this one so much we just ordered another one lol. This smells like a fruit punch spiked with champagne and it is really good. I like it a whole lot more once warmed. This one is also a really strong thrower and it is sweet without being too sweet and overall has just a nice balance of fruitiness and champagne. If you don't like that "champagne" smell you probably won't care for it because it is more Champagne Pomegranate than Satsuma. In fact Satsuma just kind of adds a nice touch to this one and just adds some more fruit to the mix. Two thumbs up for this one.
I salute these strong amazing fragrances!

Watermelon & Lime:
Cold Throw: This one isn't as sweet as Watermelon Taffy, but it's still really really good. Light sweet watermelon with the tiniest pinch of lime. It isn't tart at all so don't worry about it not being sweet enough. This one is really light and refreshing so you don't have to worry about it being too sweet either. The watermelon is clearly the dominant fragrance while the lime is just a hint in the undercurrents.

Warm  Throw: This one was nice. The lime came out more once it was melted, but it was a sweet lime so overall it remained a light sweet fruity watermelon scent. I still like this one a lot but it doesn't come close to Watermelon Taffy in my books. However it might be different in yours and it is still a great watermelon scent to have. The scent throw on this one was about average. I would have liked it to last a bit longer, but as I mentioned before I have an open spaced home so scent throws for me are a bit harder to achieve now. This one lasted about 2-3 hours at my place.

Jaba Juice:
Cold Throw: I instantly get kids fruit snacks when I smell this one; like you just opened a package of fruit snacks and stuck your nose in and inhaled. I almost didn't recognize that this is a mixture of Volcano (see scent description for this one below) and Pink Sangria, but when I thought about it and sniffed some more I can tell apart the citrus and a bit of the airy green notes from Volcano and they get a juicy fruity boost from Pink Sangria. Which explains why I get fruit snacks because it is a mixture of berries, citrus, and a touch of apple.

Warm  Throw: These two scents mix really well together to make one new fragrance, but at the same time it is easy to discern the separate halves of the two. The scents themselves are equally balanced and make one sweet mixed fruity scent. It still smelt like fruit snacks to me though lol. But I actually quite like it that way. This is just a fun mixed fruity sweet scent and the throw on this one was in the medium range.  

Cold Throw: This one smells like mild oranges with a base note of light leafy greenery and just a touch of lemon. It is kind of citrusy, but it isn't a sweet juicy kind of citrus. The "green" scent in this is not too earthy or anything but kind of like a spa like light green type plant. It is very mild, but a very "amazon" smelling fragrance.

Warm  Throw: This one is still citrusy, but I wouldn't call it like a strong orange kind of citrus but like a light perfume kind. It also has some fruity scents sort of blended in, but nothing that is discernible. The green notes actually got a little softer in my opinion since it wasn't as prevalent once it warmed. The scent throw on this one was average for me. I have citrus scents that I like better than this one, but I still found it nice and my mother really liked it. I know a lot of people who rave about this scent so be sure to try it because I think it is worth it at least once.

Coconut Banana Blast:
Cold Throw: This smells pretty much how the name implies it should. I get some soft coconut blended almost equally with sweet candied banana. The coconut is a little bit stronger of the two, but it doesn't overwhelm the banana. These two scents actually blend together really well.

Warm  Throw: As I said before these two fragrances make a nice combination. I really enjoy this one, but sadly this one seems to have fallen under the dreaded banana scent curse, where the scent dissolves pretty quickly and doesn't have much lasting power. That being said though the initial scent throw was average and the smell was fruity and fun. The milky coconut mixes really well with the sweet banana. I liked it, but next time I will probably have to put in another 1/4 of a shot once the scent starts to wear off.

Pucker Up: 
Cold Throw: Another one of the more recent scents, this one is a mixture of Pink Grapefruit and Fizzy Pop. I get both of those scents, but I think the Pink Grapefruit is a bit stronger. The grapefruit is a sweet, not tart type of citrus so this scent comes off light, sweet, and slightly girly. I get the Fizzy Pop too, but so far I'm not getting much of the carbonated bubbles that smell that gives your nose that pleasant tingle. I'm hoping that will come out more once it is warmed up.

Warm  Throw: The Fizzy Pop did come out more once it was melted and I got a lot more of the lemon lime fragrance. It mixed nicely with the pink grapefruit. I did get more of the carbonated bubble smell as well which is always a good thing in my books. The scent throw on this one is strong. I think if you like citrusy scents or lemon lime fragrances you will really enjoy this one. I liked it and the lemon made my house feel clean, but most lemon citrus scents give me that feeling. This is just a nice fun, citrus sent that isn't too sweet or too tart.  

Cold Throw: This is one of those fragrance combination where you get all the scents in one whiff. You get the milky pina colada and a tiny punch of pineapple from Jimmy Buffett, but there is also the sugared lime from the Margarita Lime. I think the Jimmy Buffett half is stronger so it is like 2/3 JB and 1/3 ML.

Warm  Throw: The pineapple came out more once melted, but it mixed in well with the smooth pina colada. I'd say this one was still more Jimmy Buffett than anything, but there is a definite sweetness from the Margarita Lime. So if you liked JB, then you should like this one too since it is just an amped up and sweetened version of it. The scent throw on this one was medium to medium strong. I think this one is really great for those hot sunny summer days. It certainly invokes that tropical drink in the hot sun kind of atmosphere. This one will have you singing Margaritaville all day.

Cold Throw: This certainly smells strong like it's name suggests. I get some creamy coconut but it isn't too strong like some coconut scents can be, nor is it a sharp coconut. It blends pretty smoothly with the tropical fruit background scents and the flowers. To be honest it is hard for me to pick out the fruits and certain flowers other than a hint of plumeria. The best I can describe it is just a nice tropical fruity floral fragrance, which is kind of a vague description, but that is just what it is lol.

Warm  Throw: This just brings in mind something that I might smell in Hawaii lol. I'm so terrible at describing tropical fragrances because most of them tend to smell the same to me so it is hard for me to discern individual scents. However I do get creamy coconut in this one and I think maybe some passion fruit and a soft hint of plumeria. But as I said it all just blends together into one nice cohesive tropical fragrance. The scent throw on this one was average.
These were all very good as well.
Rio Rumberry Type:
Cold Throw: This one smells like sparkling berries with just the tiniest dash of warm amber in it to round it all out. The berry isn't like strawberry or raspberry or grape, but it smells like goji or acai berries. You know like this berry smell is in the exotic darker category. I'm not 100% sure, but it is definitely not in the typical berry family and it doesn't smell like berry candy or wine. I don't really get any "green foliage" in this scent and if there is coconut in this it is very very subdued. And if the word "musk" creeps you out like it does me, don't worry it isn't that bad musky thick scent you might think of at all, it just means the berry smell has a bit of a deeper base.

Warm  Throw: I think for me this one was actually better smelling in the cup, but that being said it wasn't bad in the warmer either.  It was a bit sweeter before and the amber was a tad more noticeable, but once it warmed up it became more mellow. It is still a good scent, I can see a lot of people really liking it. It is a kind of semi-sweet unique berry scent that is fruity without being too sweet or juicy. The scent throw on this one was on the stronger side of average.  I think this one might be more popular in Bath & Body.

Fairy Garden:
Cold Throw: I get a mixture of scents that make on airy natural spa type of fragrance. I smell bamboo and lemon first followed by some white ginger, but then I get a semi-sweet scent that I think might be from the pink grapefruit and lilies. It is a very fresh scent that is really hard to categorize because it isn't all that fruity, but it isn't earthy, or all that sweet either, but at the same time it is kind of all of those at once. I will say that the name matches the scent; it invokes the right atmosphere. I just can't quite find the words to describe this one accurately all that well. It is just one that has to be smelt to be fully understood.

Warm  Throw: I stick with my initial scent description on this one. It is the same warmed up as it was cold. However I will say the scent throw on this one was kind of a bit under average for me and it didn't seem to last that long in my open living room. I think if you have open spaced rooms like I do then you might want to melt more than 1/4 a shot so you can smell it. Personally I didn't mind this scent, but it isn't a favorite either. I'm kind of neutral, but I can see a TON of people going gaga over this one because it is very unique and light. With this one it comes down to tastes so if you like that light bamboo with kind of semi-sweet fruity smell then you will want to try this one out.

Blackberry Fizz:
Cold Throw: Mmm this one smells so good so far. It is very fruity and you can smell the blackberries, the strawberries, and the pomegranate with just a tiny pinch of mandarin. If you were expecting this one to be tingly and bubbly like Fizzy Pop scents, I hate to disappoint you, but this one doesn't have any of that. It has a slight touch of lemon and lime, but no carbonation. Which is kind of a bummer, but still the scent is really fruity and juicy. I get the strawberry pomegranate combo more so than the other fragrances, but you still can smell the others in the base notes.

Warm  Throw: Sadly I liked this one way more in the cup. This one only had an average scent throw and the fruity notes just didn't shine like they did previously. The main thing I smelt was the strawberries and pomegranates, but the other scents completely disappeared. Which is a shame because I was totally in love with this scent at first. Don't get me wrong, it is still a good scent, but it just lost some of its luster once warmed. I don't know if you will have the same experience, but hopefully that won't be the case for you. Like I said it is still a nice scent regardless.
These weren't what I thought at first but they are still good.
And now for the rest of the mixed category fragrances I had...

Juniper Breeze:
Cold Throw: Many of you are familiar with the B&BW fragrance, but me not so much. I don't have a B&BW near me so I don't get to smell their products that often. But I have heard of this one and that was my motivation in trying it. I'm really glad I got this one because it is really pretty, and of course really hard to describe. It is a nice soft floral, but at the same time it is kind of a clean scent. It's really fresh and the best way I can describe it is that it smells like a semi-sweet soft floral women's hand soap...which is kind of what it was created to be lol.

Warm  Throw:This is a really pretty floral, not too sweet, not too pungent. It's just soft and clean and very very nice. The scent throw was in the average range. I really like this one. Most of you know that I'm not a big fan of florals, but this one is very universal and I can see a lot of people not minding this one. Its just one of those scents that are pretty and not off putting and it can branch out to a lot of people's tastes. There aren't a lot of floral scents that I think most people would like but this is one of them.

Whispering Winds:
Cold Throw: I can immediately pick out the cucumber and the fresh mint in this. The mint isn't too sharp, it actually is toned down a bit for a mint scent that has both peppermint and spearmint. I do get both of those mints, but the combined scent is still a mild mint and it pairs well with the fresh cucumber. I don't really get any fruit notes, but I do get an undercurrent of really soft florals. They are just barely noticeable, but I think they are what is keeping the mint from being overpowering. It is actually a very crisp fresh air kind of scent that I was not expecting with this mixture of fragrances at all. Very nice so far.

Warm  Throw:This one smells pretty identical to what I described on cold throw. It doesn't really have much of a change once warmed, but that's a good thing in my opinion. The mint is cooling, but not sharp and overpowering and the cucumber keeps it's strength to the end so it is just a nice refreshing cool airy scent. The scent throw on this one was medium strong. I really liked this one a lot more than I anticipated. I am a mint lover in general and I didn't know what to think about this one at first, but now I know it is a keeper.
These were sooo good and so surprising!

Lick Me All Over: 
Cold Throw: This one has had about 2 and a half months to cure, maybe over that so I'm pretty sure it is done by now. And I have to be honest and say I don't really care for it so far. Not that the scent is bad by any means it just isn't something my nose cares for, but I can imagine a lot of people loving this one. It smells kind of like musky dry exotic fruit lol. I don't even know how to describe this because the scent feels familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. I don't get any raspberry or citrus with this one and as far as the melon if you were thinking honeydew or cantaloupe it isn't that kind but more like a deeper exotic melon. This one has got that tropical musky fruit smell, but it also smells like a tanning lotion. Not like coppertone, or coconut oil, but you know those exotic sensual fruity smelling tanners? That kind.

Warm Throw: It also reminds me of those trendy clothing stores that are right on the beach. It smells rich and exotic and kind of like musky fruits. Okay I'm officially crazy with my scent imaginations, but that is what came to mind when I smelt this warmed. I smell like some beachy sunscreen, not the coppertone kind, but the light spray on type. I also get some tropical fruits and a touch of salty sea air. The scent throw on this was medium but a bit on the stronger side. For me this one was okay, but I don't think I will be getting it again anytime soon.
I didn't care for this scent but I know a lot of people will disagree.
      Well that's all for this review. I hope my descriptions weren't too out there lol. I can't wait because I'm starting to melt my fall fragrances and fall and Christmas scents are my absolute fave so be prepared for crazy descriptions and even crazier gifs to go with them lol. Hopefully you will have found a scent or too that caught your fancy. That's it for now, bye now and God love you!

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