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Hello My Old Tart

I'm finally back with my latest review!
  Well it was a long Lenten journey without any of my CBV I will tell you that much! Since I have been able to melt my tarts again I've been melting scents quickly so I could get my reviews all up for you lovelies. I know you guys had a long wait, but without further ado here is the second part of my Round Robin scent reviews....

The Bakery Scents...

Cream Cheese Frosting: 
Cold Throw: To be honest this one is really hard to judge on cold throw alone because it doesn't really smell like cream cheese or frosting the way it is now and I know it has had plenty of time to cure since it has been sitting since March. It just smells like the plastic cup right now and I can't get much of any other scent out of it. I don't know if that is how they all will smell though since this is a half shot I picked up out of the round robin so if your order this scent it might not just smell like plastic like this one does. All I get with this particular one is plastic with maybe a hint of  something creamy smelling. Guess I will have to melt this to get its true fragrance.

Warm Throw: This one is really similar to Creme Brulee. I wouldn't exactly call it a cream cheese frosting scent, it's more like a slightly sugared creamy vanilla fragrance. It is rich and sweet just like the website's description says, but I don't really get any cream cheese from it. In fact I don't really get frosting from it either because it ins't really very sweet like a lot of frosting type scents. This one smells like slightly sugared creamy vanilla to me. Despite not smelling like cream cheese frosting to me I still enjoyed this one. I think it is a scent a lot of people can enjoy because it is mild and not overly sweet, but is still creamy and noticeably subtle.The scent throw on this one was just about average. This one may not be the most unique scent but it is enjoyable in its sweet simplicity.  

Butter Pound Cake: 
Cold Throw: This one is kind of interesting because on cold throw alone I don't really smell a whole lot of Victoria's butter scent. I can still tell it is in there but it is blended well with the pound cake. The funny thing is, it doesn't really smell much like pound cake right now either though. I can tell it is a bakery scent, but I wouldn't immediately say "yep that's definitely pound cake". Right now it just kind of smells like a subdued bakery scent with a pinch of warm butter. I have a strong suspicion this will change once melted though.  

Warm Throw: It does indeed now smell like a buttered pound cake so it succeeds in living up to its claims lol. There really isn't much more to add to it than that. You get the rich warm butter, but you also get that thick pound cake right along with it. They blend together well so they aren't in competition with each other. The scent throw is about in average range. I myself am not big on butter type scents, but this one isn't bad. I can see the butter fans loving this one. It definitely is a butter pound cake scent. Even if you aren't big on butter scents like me, this one is still okay to try because the pound cake evens it out. Not recommended if you don't like bakery scents because this one screams it.
Giving you the heads up: These two are ok!
And now for the Fruity Scents... 

White Peach & Silk Blossom: 
Cold Throw: Okay so I have wanted to try this one since they first introduced it to the fragrance count. When I saw it in the round robin box I got excited...then I smelt it. I guess I was expecting it to smell more like peaches with a hint of silk blossoms. Boy was I wrong lol. This is not peachy or even fruity smelling, it is mostly just silk blossoms and like a clean undertone. It is kind of like a soft but strong floral yet slightly clean smelling fragrance. Like I can tell it is a flower, but at the same time this kind of reminds me of a specialty fabric softener. Those who know me know that I'm not a big floral fan, but so far this one isn't too bad. I can see a lot of people actually really loving this scent, but right now I'm just hoping the peach part comes out more once warmed.

Warm Throw: Well the peach is pretty much non-existent in this scent, but good news is it is more of a feminine soapy clean scent than a florally one. The silk blossom ends up smelling like a soft rich ladies body wash (which I know is the original dupe now lol). It was a very nice scent and my mother really liked it a lot. The scent throw on this one is pretty strong so it has some staying power. It is really clean and soapy, but nicely feminine with that soft silk blossom. Don't worry about the strength of the florals on cold throw because it evens out a lot once melted. I like this one and I thought for sure in the beginning it was going to be a too strong floral for me, but it wasn't at all. This one is more clean and soap like than anything. I think it is very nice and great for the spring time or any time you want a nice clean scent.  

Spanish Sunrise: 
Cold Throw: This is a nice deeper kind of citrus scent mixed with a light airiness. So it is an interesting blend to say the least. I feel like the name matches it because it kind of smells like a sunrise over an orange grove or at least that's how I imagine it. It has that outside fresh air kind of smell mixed with some ripe juicy oranges. The scent is kind of light in nature, but it has a depth that anchors it down with fruitiness. Now I haven't yet tried Morning In Madrid, but I have tried Mango Smoothie which is half of this scent. I do detect some of the Mango Smoothie in this, but I do have to say there is a lot more of a richer darker orange smell to it. I love that the oranges smell pretty authentic in this. It just has this real citrus fantastic blend to it that I can't do justice to in words.

Warm Throw: The Mango Smoothie portion in this comes out way more once it is melted. It fact it now smells like Mango Smoothie, but with some deeper oranges so it becomes more like an orange mango smoothie with some fresh airy notes thrown in there. The scent throw on this one is also about in the average range. I personally really like this one and think it is great for a nice sunny day that isn't too hot. If you like Mango Smoothie then I think you will really enjoy this one too, but only if you like citrus scents.
These 2 scents makes me happy!
Peach Magnolia Raspberry: 
Cold Throw: Really does smell just like how the name implies it to. I can identify each of the three individual scents in this one and yet at the same time they all blend together well to make one whole new scent. All of the fragrances in this one are pretty balanced so there isn't really one that stands out more than the others. I get the juicy peach, the bold magnolia, and the sweet raspberry. When they all come together they make an almost fruity floral perfume. I would be interested to smell this scent in Bath & Body. I think it would be very pretty. This one smells good for the spring and summer time so far. Not too fruity, not too floral, and not too sweet. This is just a nice mixture of them all.

Warm Throw: Wow, this baby is strong! I can see how it could be headache inducing strong for some, but it wasn't too bad for me and I'm not big on florals. The scent was nice because the peach and raspberry blended together to make this fruity sweet fragrance that balanced well with the strength of the magnolia. Magnolia is a tricky scent to mix with because it is overwhelmingly strong sometimes, but the peach raspberry combo did not lose out to it at all. It was nice that this has an even mixture of scents. That being said it did have a really strong scent throw and it ended up lasting for about 2 days. I think this is one of those scents you either love it or hate it because it is a really nice floral, but I can see those sensitive to florals not liking it because it can be a bit too much for certain noses. On one hand I liked this scent and thought it was pretty, but on another hand I didn't like it because I had to shut it off for certain amounts of time to give my head some time to clear so I wouldn't get a headache. I'd say be careful with this one is you are sensitive to florals but if you like strong floral fragrances this one is for you!
I want to melt this one again but it gives me a headache...
On to the Floral Scents...  

Breath Of Ireland:  
Cold Throw: Right now this smells like sweet clovers with a touch of clean Irish Spring soap. There is a slight airy note to it as well that makes it kind of a fresh meadow meets clean kind of smell. I also get a hint of the white musk underneath the fresh ivy and clovers. It's kind of hard to describe but the name is actually pretty appropriate. When I smell this I envision I am in an Irish meadow on the countryside right next to a waterfall with wild clovers all around. It is a very unique and refreshing outdoors kind of scent.

Warm Throw:Wow, the scent throw on this one is really strong in a good way. It filled up my entire house. The Irish Spring soapy smell kind of disappeared once it melted though, but it still smelt amazingly refreshing. It smelt like sweet clovers with a strong fresh breeze and some kind of clean undertone. I stick with my mental image of that Irish meadow. This is really a fresh outdoorsy sort of green scent. Like I said before it is kind of hard to describe. I would recommend this one if you like scents like Shamrock Kiss or Sea Moss, as it is refreshing and airy, but slightly clean, and somewhat plant like. This one got approval ratings from both my mother and I. We enjoyed this one a lot. This one is great for spring time!
This one makes me want to twirl around somewhere in an Irish meadow.
Now for the Clean Scents...

Gentleman's Coconut Bay Rum: 
Cold Throw: Now I have never smelt the actual cologne of this so I can't tell you if it is a perfect dupe or even an accurate one. That being said I do like this as a masculine fragrance. To me it isn't overly heavy or spicy like a lot of men's colognes can be. I get a shaved coconut in this one with an under current of rum that adds a nice little kick and then in the base notes hiding I think I get something of like a soft "oceany" type of cologne smell. It is hard for me to describe exactly, but for a men's cologne it isn't too intense or overpowering. It is kind of like Lighthouse Point in that it is masculine, but still kind of ozoney and clean.

Warm Throw: As far as cologne scents go this one is pretty great. It is right up there with Lighthouse Point in my books of acceptable men's fragrances. I don't really care for cologne or perfume like scents so that is really saying something. This one has a medium scent throw and is soft and yet only slightly spicy (not cinnamon spicy, but like cologne spice) with a little bit of a beach like summer's night twist. Haha that sounds crazy, but it is what I think. You still get the slightly shaved coconut but it is very subtle, mixed with a smooth spice and some rum with some masculine notes too. If a man walked by me wearing this scent I would secretly inhale and savor the fragrance. Don't judge me! I know you've all done it before too! This one I wouldn't really consider too "clean", but like Lighthouse Point it is kind of a lighter ozone masculine scent.
This one smells like a handsome man!
Sea Moss: 
Cold Throw: Truth be told I have no idea what real sea moss smells like nor do I particularly care to find out. This however doesn't smell too bad. It is in that kind of oceany/airy/clean/spa like category. It has a little bit of all of those about it. It is kind of spa like because it has that ocean air kind of fragrance that a lot of aerosol sprays have that you find in bathrooms. It is fresh and brisk smelling with a tiny hint of ocean brine. I like it. I think it would be great in a bathroom or an ocean place or themed room.

Warm Throw: This one smells pretty much the same as it did on cold, only the clean note isn't like a stringent cleaner smell, but more like a fresh oceany air kind of clean. This scent is very refreshing because it has that watery ozone like green kind of fragrance, but it isn't too briney or too green. It is kind of like this real nice balance between the two. And no this does not really smell like moss. It isn't earthy smelling at all really. It just has a few notes of "greenery" that are more spa like than anything. So earthy haters don't fear. The scent throw on this one was medium average. This was a pleasant surprise. I never would have thought to try this one on my own and I'm glad that it came up in the round robin because it is a unique and fresh scent.

And for the lone Tropical Scent... 

Island Spa: 
Cold Throw: I can immediately detect the fern and the cucumber in this one blended with a breezy almost crisp and clean fruity kind of smell. I kind of want to say that this has mangoes in it, but I know it doesn't according to the description so maybe it is the passion fruit I am getting. I'm don't know, but I like it. It is different in that it is kind of tropical smelling, but also airy enough to be a clean fragrance. So to me it is like mangoes, grapefruits, cucumbers, some light fern in the bottom and a light air conditioned breeze. Again with my ridiculous descriptions lol! It will be interesting to see if any more scents pop up once warmed.  

Warm Throw:  I stick with my initial description of this scent. It was kind of clean but in a refreshing crisp and slightly tropical kind of way. The scent throw on this one was medium strong, but nothing overwhelming.  I really like this one and my mother even commented that she did too so this one is a winner in our house. It is kind of surprising I don't hear much talk about this one because it is pretty darn good and oh so refreshing. It is really great for summer when it is hot and you don't know what to melt because everything just smells so heavy. This one is a keeper. If you like the Glade or Air Wick tropical clean kind of smells then you will probably like this one.
I just don't understand why this doesn't get more love.
And finally for the Perfume Scents... 

Japanese Cherry Blossom: 
Cold Throw: Like Cajun Cornbread this is one that I have had previously, but couldn't get past the cold throw so I swapped in a round robin without melting. Well since I am OCD when it comes to my scent shots after I gave it away I instantly regretted it. I had to no for sure whether or not I liked it and I can't do that without fully melting it and giving it a try. So when this round robin came I snatched it up again lol. This one smells a bit different than my last Cherry Blossom shot did. The one I originally tried smelt kind of musky, mixed with old lady perfume and moth balls. Thankfully this one doesn't smell like that. It smells like a mature woman's perfume {but not granny perfume) mixed with a slightly clean smell. Not sure what to make of this one so I will just have to melt it once and for all.

Warm Throw: I was very afraid to melt this one but I am so glad that I did because it smells NOTHING like the cold throw on my first one.Granted this is one of those that take a really long time to cure into maturity. It still smells kind of like a perfume, but it isn't too perfumey if you know what I mean? It doesn't have that chemical perfume smell. This one is really hard to describe. You can smell just a hint of like soft rice powder but it isn't powdery and is very soft probably because it is vanilla rice don't get much vanilla. You can smell the soft crushed cherry blossom petals but they are anchored by a deeper richer scent. It isn't musky or sweet, but it is just deep in the way that perfumes can be where there is just more depth to it. The scent throw on this one was medium strong and I was quite surprised that I ended up liking it and so did my mom. I expected both of us to hate it but it was nice and different. So it is a keeper and it makes me glad that I took a chance on it again. It just goes to show that you should always melt a scent before you judge it even if it takes a really long time to cure because it could be a hidden gem. Oh by the way I don't know how this hold up to the B&BW scent because I'm not all that familiar with it. Sorry!

Pink Sugar & Coconut:
Cold Throw: The name pretty much describes it perfectly. It is the perfume Pink Sugar which is like a light girly perfume of spun sugar mixed with coconut shavings on top.The scents actually go together really well. I'm not a big fan of Pink Sugar by itself but I do like it a lot more with coconut added in. Pink Sugar has always been like a mixer scent to me but with the coconut it smells like a complete stand alone fragrance now.

Warm Throw: I like this one a lot better than just Pink Sugar. The coconut and Pink Sugar don't compete with each other but come together to create a whole new scent. It is a lot more well rounded with the coconut added. The scent throw on this one was a little over medium so it had a pretty good throw. If you like Pink Sugar on its own then I think you will love this one, however if you didn't care for it don't write this one off without trying ti first because it might surprise you.
Totally surprised I liked these two!
Well that wraps up the second part of my round robin reviews. I hope they were helpful and not too crazy lol. I will be back next month with more summer time scents and some of the newer released ones as well. I have a lot of melting to do and catch up on. I hope you all enjoyed this and have a wonderful day. Until next time guys! Bye!  


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