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Trick Or Treat: Smell My CBV!

It's that time of year again!
   Yes, indeed it is time for my annual Halloween CBV scent review! Since I have already reviewed most of the official Halloween esque scents (you can find them here.) these will be a bit more varied, but there are sure to be some scream worthy scents in the mix. So break out the bubbling cauldron's of green and orange punch, grab a glass, put on some spooky sounds, turn off the lights, and prepare yourselves because here we go...

As always let's start with the bakery scents... 

Pumpkin Cupcake:  
Cold throw: I waited a long time to finally melt this bad boy and the more it cured the more I liked it. I let it cure for about 3 months and it smells exactly like a real pumpkin cupcake. This one does have more cupcake in it than I was expecting, which is a pleasant surprise. So far this one is 3/4 yummy cupcake and 1/4 creamy pumpkin. The pumpkin in this is a light sweet pumpkin that doesn't have any spice in it at all. Shocking I know! But no tricks here, you won't find any cinnamon or spice in this one. I'm actually really grateful for that. I love my pumpkin spiced scents, but it is nice to just have a mild sweet pumpkin scent for a change.

Warm throw: This is one delicious fall bakery scent! This one had me wanting to put on my apron and officially celebrate the baking season by whipping up some *cough* poisoned *cough* pumpkin cupcakes of my own. It still remained more cupcake than pumpkin, but I didn't have a problem with that personally. The only complaint I have with this scent is that it didn't seem to last that long. It had about a medium scent throw, but was pretty much dissipated within 3 hours. But I only used 1/4 a shot and it was mouthwateringly good while it lasted. I would recommend this one to those who want a pumpkin scent but don't want any spice at all. It is also good for all of those who are looking to branch out and try a pumpkin scent but aren't sure where to start.

Fluffy Pink Candy: 
Cold Throw: You know what is the best part about Halloween? FREE CANDY! In that spirit here is a new candy scent. I can instantly pick out the Pink Sugar in this, but it is really sweetened up by the Cotton Candy and Marshmallow Fluff. I don't really get the marshmallow in this, but the fragrance does have a creamy "fluffiness" feel to it. The spun sugar in the Cotton Candy really ties the other two scents together nicely. It is a fun and sweet fragrance just like it's name suggests.

Warm Throw: The Marshmallow Fluff really comes out more once warmed up, you can actually smell the creamy sticky goodness. Other than that it still smells the same for the most part. This fragrance is really light, but sugary sweet, not so sweet that it will give you a toothache (or headache for that matter). The scent throw with this one was just average, but that's to be expected when you have a concoction of all light sugary sweet fragrances. This one is sure to have you dipping into the candy bowl early.

Peanut Butter Popcorn Ball: 
Cold Throw: Now most kids hate getting popcorn balls in their candy bags, but what about getting popcorn balls in your warmers? With this one I get the popcorn but for the most part but it is toned down and sweetened up quite a bit. I also get the Peanut Butter Cookies mixed with a blend of other sweet scents that without knowing what is in this scent you wouldn't be able to guess on your own. Since I know what is in it I can get a pinch of Granny's Pie Crust, but not so much the Creme' Brulee. Overall it smells like popcorn, peanut butter, and a touch of GPC.

Warm Throw: Granny's Pie Crust came out so much more once it was melted. It mixed well with the Peanut Butter Cookies and the popcorn. However I still didn't smell much of the Creme' Brulee. I think it was more of an anchoring scent that was added to make the whole fragrance much more cohesive. The popcorn wasn't too strong, but it was the more dominant smell of them all. The scent throw is decently strong with this one. I wasn't sure what to make of this scent at first, I didn't really care for it on cold, but once it melted I started to "warm" up to it. (excuse the pitifully bad pun) But now I like it and think it is great for the fall season.  I will caution you though that if you were looking for a "salty" scent don't be deceived by the popcorn it is pretty much rendered semi-sweet by the other scents so there really isn't any salt in this.

Pumpkin Frappuccino:
Cold Throw: I've heard this described as smelling like a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and I have to agree. I get the warm rich coffee and the creamy smooth pumpkin. I also get just a little hint of some baking cinnamon, but it is very minimal. This smells just like a cozy festive flavored coffee drink.

Warm Throw: This one comes to life a bit more once warmed up. The scent doesn't change just the strength of it does. This one is equal parts warm coffee and mild pumpkin. It is very well balanced and if you are worried about the cinnamon getting out of hand, don't. I didn't even notice it once it was all melted. This little baby has a strong scent throw sure to have you SCREAMING for more.
All of these are perfect companions for your Halloween bash.
Here are some spooktacular fall fragrances... 

Autumn Leaves:
Cold Throw: If a fall day could be captured in a cup this would be it. This smells like crisp and crunchy leaves with fresh autumn air. It just invokes the feeling of a cool fall afternoon walk with orange and yellow leaves falling everywhere. And it smells like real leaves, not fake ones in craft stores, but REAL actual leaves. It is like jumping into a giant leaf pile.

Warm Throw: It still smells as authentic as it did on cold. This is a perfect fall leaf fragrance! It has a medium to medium strong throw and it lasted a decent amount of time. I really love this scent. I like that there isn't any of your typical spice, apple, or pumpkin scents that are usually associated with this season. Not that I don't love those seasons too, it is just nice to have a seasonal scent that is different once in awhile.

Why I Autumn:
Cold Throw: This is another great fall fragrance. I get leaves, some cinnamon (not a too strong cinnamon), ginger, a touch of lemon, and another scent that I can't really identify. I checked the site description but it doesn't smell like any of those scents listed. As one user on the site pointed out it does smell like a fall potpourri  Really nice and not too spicy.

Warm Throw: Not much change in the fragrance from cold to hot. Don't let the cinnamon and ginger scare you off it isn't that red hot overpowering it just gives the scent a nice baking twist. It does still smell like a pretty fall fragranced potpourri. The scent throw was just average, but it is still a really lovely fall fragrance. Sure to be a hit with all those who love all things autumn scented!
These scents are sure to get you into the fall "spirit"
And now onto the perfume category...

Mad About You (Type):
Cold Throw: Oh boy this pretty scent is sure to drive you mad! I get a mixture of very soft and pretty florals with a touch of strawberries. I don't know well enough what most of the individual flowers in this smell like so I can't tell you if it is more cassis or peony. All I can tell you is that it is a gorgeous soft feminine floral that isn't likely to cause headaches unless you are very sensitive. The florals are perfume like, but not pungent in the least. And if you are a little leery about the patchouli or musk in the description don't be because I don't get any patchouli at all and the musk isn't that thick deep kind. Really I mainly get the flowers, the strawberries, and a touch of amber wood to round it all out.

Warm Throw: I think this is one that would be absolutely fantastic in Bath & Body! I can see why they named it Mad About You because once you smell this you will fall in love. It smells pretty much the same as it did on cold throw only much more lovelier. The scent throw on this one is strong, but not overpoweringly so. I think this is a gentle floral that won't irritate most people. I don't generally care for most florals, but I think this will become a staple. I know my mother has gone off and used most of it lol.

Dark Kiss:
Cold Throw: This one has had about 3 months to cure, so I think it is safe to say it is ready. I have never smelt what this is duping, but everyone else says it is almost spot on. What I get is a "mature" (not old lady) women's perfume. It has that feminine rich musk, with some creamy vanilla, and maybe just a touch of berries. I really don't get any fruity scent in this though. It is more just a deeper women's perfume scent. I don't know what to make of this one. I hated it at first, but the more I sniff the better it starts to smell to me. I guess I will just have to melt it to find out.

Warm Throw: I'm surprised by how much I ended up liking this one. I didn't care for it for the first few months it cured and was iffy on it up until I melted it. It is a very pretty women's perfume that is mostly a light musk with some rich vanilla. It doesn't sound that appealing I know by words alone, but it is actually really nice. There really isn't any berry or fruit smell though. I think this is a perfume scent more for women above 25, but that's just my humble opinion. I typically don't care for my house to smell like perfume or cologne related scents, but with this one I don't mind. I forgot to jot down the scent throw, so I honestly can't be too accurate, but I think it had a medium strong throw.
These scents will be sure to drive you fabulously mad!
And one lone fruit fragrance... 

Passionate Kisses Type: 
Cold Throw: Ok so the site description for this one has a TON of fragrances listed, but really I only get 2. This one has even cured for about 3 months as well and I just get a strong cherry and red hot cinnamon in the base. It is kind of a secretly spicy cherry scent. It reminds me a little bit of Big Red Gum with like sweet maraschino cherries. The cherry doesn't smell like the dreaded cough syrup kind to me so that's good.  I don't know with this one, I want to wait and see of it changes before making a final verdict.

Warm Throw: Nope, this one continued to just be strong maraschino cherries and red hot cinnamon. The cinnamon wasn't overpowering, but it was very noticeably there. I was hoping the other fragrances listed would come out of hiding but no such long. I'm left doubting their existence. *twilight zone music plays* I don't actually mind this scent, it just wasn't anything I was expecting it to be. I warn you all now that this scent is just sweet cherries with an undercurrent of spicy cinnamon. The scent throw was pretty strong too. I'm left on the fence with this one because I like cherry and cinnamon fragrances, but I was left underwhelmed because the web description had me expecting there would be more to it. It can be a treat for those cherry and cinnamon lovers, but a real trick for those who don't.
Warning: this scent may be scary for some.
      That's all for this year's monstrously sweet cbv review. I hope I didn't scare you away from any good fragrances to try. I also hope you all have a wicked fun and safe Halloween. I'm not exactly sure what my plans are right now I'm either helping my church with their "trunk or treating", going to a friend's house to pass out candy to all the little monsters, or sitting on my butt at home watching scary movies with popcorn, hot chocolate, and a cbv scent or two. However you decide to celebrate I wish you all a Happy Halloween!!

Now back to my lair...

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